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Forgiveness in marriag—–can you be happy after being forgiven

There can be happiness, however, most have been difficult to restore to the original happiness, the main reason is that one party cheated on the extramarital affairs destroyed the trust of one party in the other’s heart.

emotional Life Love Psychology
emotional Life Love Psychology

How to Practice forgiveness in marriage?

Forgiveness can be divided into several types? Many times our interpretation of forgiveness is to blame and reconcile with the other side. In the face of a lover’s cheating, a friend’s betrayal, or a parent’s betrayal, choosing to forgive seems to be choosing to turn all the wrongs over and be as close to each other as ever. In fact, forgiveness is not the same as repairing a relationship, but a change in the mood and attitude of the traitor. Even if we put aside our resentment and sympathize with each other’s behaviour, we may still decide not to be as close to him as we used to be.