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10 Sex Songs to Add to Your Bedroom Playlist

When the love is thick, nature can’t wait to kiss the other half. In fact, sex is an important part of the life between couples, sex life can add a lot of fun to each other’s love, but also through physical contact, to feel the truth of love. When you have the right music to upgrade the atmosphere, enjoy the quality of sex time for two people.

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4 skills of sex

The so-called one-handed pat does not ring, sex always needs both sides to invest, in order to get water like fish, go to the realm of forgetfulness. Any two character re-clamp, such as the attitude to sex a cold and hot, diaphragm always exists. What if a person is passionate about sex and has a cold feeling?


10 skills of sex

Every day in busy work, vacation is so rare, really can’t wait to be isolated from the world and enjoy a day with your partner. Remember never to bring your weekday depression to sex, here are 10 tricks to use to evoke you and his desires for that quiet but passionate moment.

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3 best sex games

When is it appropriate to play role-playing in bed with your partner? It is recommended to do it once in a special festival, anniversary, travel or undirected room, as doing it too closely can become routine and not so pleasantly surprising! The following 3 sex role-playing combinations, you can buy fixed props / uniforms to increase the sense of forced truth, inconvenient words are also reliable to save, just like acting, go back and try it with him!

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10 New Sex Positions That Women Love

Is the average male-female missionary stuffy? In fact, this most basic sex position is very popular with women, of which more than 9% of women only use missionary sex posture and other sex posture performance resistance. However, missionaries are really the same, it is difficult to get pleasure? No, to make missionary style hot and exciting, please use the following 10 tricks!

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5 Sex Positions for When You’re Way Different Heights

When you have sex with someone of different heights, there are other challenges to making love.
Below, you’ll find some expert-recommended locations to try tonight, which can even be a venue if you and your partner are two very different