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Skills in talking vs dating

Many boys and girls in the process of chatting dating often afraid not to know what to say, do not know what dating chat skills, can help themselves to find more ways to warm up feelings. Here’s a look at the dating chat topics Becky shared with you, hoping to help you.


What are some things that you should never do in a relationship?

1. Over-control of the other party, no private space 2. Speak harshly to the other person 3. Compare you who love more and who loveless Lack of communication 5. Try …


What is the best way to choose life partner?

1. Keep the other person in mind and listen to her carefully when speaking 2. Know how to establish common interests with each other so that the future can have …


What are the types of people that you should always avoid?

1. People who like to brag. 2. People who are very negative every day. 3. People who owe money and don’t pay it back. 4. The person who treats you …