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emotional Life

What is the dirtiest thing you ever did with a very close friend?

From fan contributions: My netizen junk and I met on the social app. We’ve met several people who are really good friends. We always have endless chats together. Once, we …


Have you ever found something unexpected inside of something you bought used?

At the school flea market, I fancy a school sister’s bag, very good-looking. My sister offered $20, and I said $5. When she agreed, I bought it. Back in the …


What is the most difficult thing in the world?

Kim noble, a British female painter. Born in 1960, Kim’s parents are factory workers. She was raised in the homes of relatives and friends since childhood. These families happen to …


What made you feel disgusted today?

Today just saw the news, pregnant women hide AIDS, the operation of amniomo and blood-contaminated the female doctor’s feet, and happens to be the female doctor’s feet with wounds. The …


What is the most deceptive image that you’ve ever seen?

Please stare for 3 seconds At one point I thought it was a gif motion picture… Is the column round or square? It is said that you can see 9 …