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emotional Life Love Psychology

What to do when your husband doesn’t want you

About your boyfriend for so long always do not want to have sex with you, not only because you have not yet entered his heart, you doubt so guess, he is very principled, yes, that is right, in my opinion, he is just too unconfident, afraid of not giving you the future, afraid you are too small, afraid you can not go to the end, yes, just afraid?

emotional Life Love Psychology

Does my husband love me?

Marriage is based on mutual trust and understanding, and the divorce rate is increasing year by year, which means that modern people’s view of marriage and love may have changed. In this rapid development of the era, in the face of more and more temptations, men more and more do not want to be responsible, women more and more material, want more and more, so there are a lot of older leftover men and women.

what to do when your husband doesn t want youLife

What to do when your husband doesn t want you:7 Potential Reasons

In sexual psychology, there is a noun for sexual harmony, called “sexual understanding consistency”.
Refers to the two sides can have a consistent understanding of each other’s sexual needs and development situation, otherwise, there will be the so-called “sex jump” contradiction.