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How to be more attractive to your boyfriend?

When we first get love, the heart is happy, is to feel that the other side of him/her is their own life can accompany the person, but over time, how many couples lost time. So we will say that love has a shelf life, in fact, not only love, marriage is also shelf life. Most couples after a few years of life, freshness after the past will slowly lose interest in both sides, as a result, many people usually quarrel, often quarrel is very sad, that show to more attractive to your boyfriend?

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How to handle it when my husband feeling rejected sexually?

When it comes to frigidity, people first think of female frigidity. In fact, with the acceleration of the pace of modern work and life and the increase of pressure, more and more men will also appear the situation of sexual apathy, which is called low sexual desire or hypersexual desire in medicine.

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How do you get your boyfriend to love you again?

1. The “Van Burm effect” . “van Burren effect” after a man’s break-up refer to the increase in consumer demand for a commodity because of its higher list price. The …