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Hi, hello, I’m Becky Eve, a Girl from Millennials. It’s a great honor to meet you here. I like to make friends and fall in love as much as everyone else. My original intention in doing this site was that my occasional article on Quora became popular. Many people left messages thanking me for my suggestion. It really gave me alot of confidence. Because I prefer writing myself. I guess why don’t I make my own website? So I did.
Thanks again to the fans who have supported me, I have a small gift for you. I made my own e-book, which contains excertes of some of my articles, I hope you like it.

Of course, my website goes far beyond these articles. I share some emotional skills and love stories on my website every day.
If you have problems in your relationship or want to make new friends, please contact me, and I will be happy to help you solve all your problems.
Contact me:


Of course you have different views please send to my mailbox, but also welcome to contribute to me at any time.


By the way, I think bothlive can be used as a bridge for us to meet strangers. It’s a niche dating app, and I enjoy it. Of course, it’s all gain with no paying. VIP can match more people you like.

Back to the theme, recently I organized some fan groups. We can speak freely in the group. In addition, I will send my draft articles in advance in the group, and I hope you can give me suggestions. Welcome to join us.
That’s all.Thank you.I want to be your best friend.

Here is the download link.http://wap.bothlive.com/apph5/ask/ask.html?uid=110151605&invitecode=W93KUY
WhatsApp group link: https://chat.whatsapp.com/Cr2h10jIVYW26C1s6bGZQE