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As the saying goes,

Marriage is the grave of love.

Between the opposite sex, especially in middle age,

Their marriage was almost devoid of love,

It’s more about being tired of each other.

Because once you get married,

Two people live together,

It’s no longer just romantic,

More is the reality of tea rice oil salt.

“Men want what they cant have”

As time goes by,

There will always be bumps,

From time to time, there will be fights and cold wars,

Life leaves nothing but chicken feathers,

There’s only a fight left for each other.

“Men want what they cant have”

For a long time,

It makes people feel tired and irritable, 


Middle-aged men love cheating,

Seeking solace outside marriage,

They’re addicted to cheating,

It’s just that you want to take it from your lover,

Get these three things!

1. Sense of identity

Men want women to worship themselves.

Two people together,

Compared to physical pleasure,

Men care more about inner satisfaction.

Even in marriage,

They are too familiar to be familiar with each other,

Men also want their own women,

Can recognize oneself, can adore oneself.

But for most women,

I’ve been married for a long time,

Most of the energy is on life,

I think I’m an old husband and wife,

There’s no need to be as greasy as when you’re in love,

It ignores the feelings of men.

If this happens,

A woman who adores men,

Boasting about men, recognizing men,

Let the man’s vanity, get great satisfaction.

Often face such a woman,

It’s hard for men to control themselves.

2. Freshness

People are visual animals,

I like beautiful and fresh things,

Men are no exception.

They got married and lived together day and night,

It’s long gone,

Women have to take care of their children and work for their families,

No matter how beautiful your face is or how beautiful your figure is,

In the process of life,

Slowly changed appearance, even old.

Men face such women every day,

I’m sure I’ll feel visually tired,

A woman’s appearance is no longer attractive to him.

If at this time,

The man met a man outside

Beautiful young women,

It’s very fresh for men,

Men can’t control themselves,

Want to be with her and develop an extramarital relationship.

3. Sense of belonging

Men are the pillars of the family,

To support the family,

I have to work hard outside,

There is nothing wrong with it. It’s his responsibility.

But at the same time, I hope,

When he got home, women gave him enough tenderness,

Let men have a sense of belonging,

I think there is a place for him to get rid of fatigue,

You can relax and feel the warmth of your home.

But many women, after they get married,

Less and less attention to men,

Especially after having children,

All my heart is on the child,

More ignored the man’s feeling.

If there is an understanding woman at this time,

Listen to men, gently open men,

Comfort men, let men have a sense of belonging.

For such a gentlewoman,

It’s hard for a man to be unmoved.

No matter how good marriage is, it needs to be managed,

Don’t marry a woman,

They ignore the feelings of men,

They also neglect their own maintenance,

No matter when,

Let men feel it in you,

Identity, freshness and belonging.

Men should not like the new and dislike the old,

I always want to find a lover outside,

They got married and lived together,

It’s a lifetime,

To stand the test of time.

Only care about each other, pay together,

Love can last, marriage can be happy!

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