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“You’re not the only one who can’t be loved.”

Like a person who can’t be together, you can only look at her far away, think of her, but can’t get her. Even she also likes you very much, that kind of likes may not have physical contact, the simple soul collision can wipe out the love spark. But it’s just the wrong time to meet the right person. In the end, it can only be “what you finally choose is what you didn’t think about.” Some people don’t belong to you after all. What should we do at this time? Remember these 7 words, maybe you will be relieved.

“Married in love with someone else”

1. Face your emotions

If we fall in love with someone we shouldn’t love, don’t put pressure on us. Because there’s nothing wrong with loving someone. The mistake is to love at the wrong time. We have to face up to our feelings, even if our love for TA is found, so what? Is it not good for both sides to make it clear? On the contrary, they bury their feelings in their hearts, and they are also very uncomfortable. It’s better to face their feelings and be a person who dares to love and hate.

2. Cherish every opportunity to be together

If you fall in love with someone who can’t be together, please cherish the short time with him. Cherish every chance to chat with him and smile at him. Because these are the future of you, the most memorable moments.

3. Don’t invest too much in this relationship

If you fall in love with someone who can’t be together, please don’t pay too much at the beginning, because you already know your ending. And the more you give, the more you hurt. Love to the depths, always difficult to control, but you must learn to protect yourself, less hurt.

If you fall in love with someone who can’t be together. Try to be quiet and listen to each other. To help him (her) share, don’t expect too much. The more expectations, the greater disappointment, so keep a good attitude, others don’t expect, even with his heart is enough!

4. The person who loves you most is not necessarily the most suitable one

Many people are suitable for falling in love, but few are suitable for marriage. Maybe we are in a moment. But it doesn’t mean that TA is the right person. So don’t worry about getting along with each other after a heart attack. It’s better to observe and see if it’s suitable. We are no longer ignorant children, marriage is not just love can be together, the love heard is always so untrue, marriage needs to be a reality, maybe you will be sad, sad, but can not escape, married life, daily necessities of life, you need two people suitable, can live a stable life, not just love, If you really can’t be together, it’s not suitable for marriage. Even if you get married, there will be many problems, so don’t tangle, and you will be happy for the rest of your life

5. Let it be and live the present

The rest of life is so long, since there is no way to go on together, it’s better to let it go. A lot of times we just can’t accept at that time, time will slowly let us down, let us accept. It’s not that we compromise to give time, but that the future is so far away, you will always meet someone more worthy of your love. Don’t tangle in the current problems, a relationship as long as the best to love, love, happy, happy, enough.

If you fall in love with someone who can’t be together, don’t be sad, don’t be sad, and don’t think about what will happen in the future? Try to live a good life now, try to change the love for him to love yourself, be gentle to yourself, be better, love more, love yourself well, love yourself, only when you love yourself, more people will love you! Try to hold the right hand with the left hand, give yourself the simplest warmth, no longer extravagant for others to give, began to learn to give yourself.

Don’t lose the expectation of love

Love on the road, there will always be many problems, no matter when, what things, do not say goodbye to the future because of a failure, young love, more or less to the end are separated, but later, we found that the original love is still so good, missed not terrible, terrible is, you tangled with the previous misfortune, Delay your future happiness, when there will be a good love, as long as you believe, you look forward to, will encounter. Many people will give up their yearning for love after experiencing a failed relationship. In fact, you are wrong, because of the failure of this feeling, there will be better people waiting for you, more suitable for you. Don’t lose the vision of love, the right person will always appear at the end.

7. Learn to let go of each other

Life is always a lot of helplessness, some people can not be together, do not too much hesitation entanglement. Even if the heart has no more give up, the mood is how uncomfortable. Learn to let go, where we can finally go is where, as long as we do ourselves well, our world will not lose sunshine and hope because of the lack of who, there is a long way to go for the rest of life, there are many kinds of possibilities, let’s leave each other in the best moment. When we fall in love with someone we shouldn’t love, our biggest choice is to learn to let go. Letting go is not only a relief to oneself but also the best decision to treat this feeling. Learn to let go and give up this feeling that originally does not belong to us is also the best protection for ourselves.

On the way of love, we need to grow and wait. Good love is waiting for you.

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