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1、 See if he has any initiative to suggest

The initiative is already a very obvious IOI (interest guidance). No one will pay attention to someone for no reason, whether it is boys or girls.

If the other party is interested in you, they will often be free to talk to you. That is, the other party likes you, but he has not expressed it. If it is a long time, it will be active to look for you. For example, it is a signal to watch your friends circle if you are not OK. It is a signal to give you some praise. Therefore, we should observe some signals to determine the degree to which the other party likes you.

“How to tell if someone is projecting onto you”

When you are together, he will see what you are doing, when you are not together, he will know you through the Internet and wait to know the situation your every day. And we can also send some valuable pictures of life, such as where to travel, high-end restaurants, parties, etc. to test how many people are interested in you. 

And when he is facing you on a real date, is his appearance and attitude different from that of other girls?

For example, he was very noisy and very talkative, and he was unusually quiet or shy when faced with you. Or he was quiet, but when you face you will try to say something and share something.

“How to tell if someone is projecting onto you”

Or as long as you appear, his behaviour will be especially different from ordinary ones, such as to actively perform, play handsome, play stupid, funny, speak loudly, especially quietly, perform very steadily, the quiet, body is particularly stiff, etc., as long as he is “usually different” even deviate from the basic Huaihe line.

But it is important to note that “off the kihuai line” may be particularly fond of you, but it may also be particularly annoying.

If he is in the face of you and others, they maintain a consistent pattern and style and do not deviate from the normal performance of Shuai, it is obvious that warmth, enthusiasm and intimacy maybe his personal characteristics.

2、 See how often he replies to you

Now society is so developed, I think many friends are talking with each other online for a while, interested in meeting. If he is just talking about his own affairs and listening to what he wants to hear, then it is mostly empty and lonely, and he wants to find someone to solve boredom

If he is most of you, asking you questions, want to know you: your experience, your current situation, your expectations for the future, what kind of boy do you like, what hobbies you have… If he is interested in all the trivial things of your life or listens to them patiently, then it is possible that he likes you very much!

If the other party is in the process of talking with you, it is often seconds back, and there are many words, which means that the other party has a strong sense of affection for you. However, if, in your chat, the other party often fails to reply to you, or you say a long time, the other party is often “Oh, en, I will take a bath first” and other words, that is to say, The other party is really not interested in you.

3、 See if he’s willing to pay for you

If the above two phenomena have appeared, we should continue to observe whether the other party pays or not. This is very important, and I should let the other party pay more. One who is unwilling to pay for you must feel that you are not worth his or her to pay for you.

In contact, it may be because you first get in touch with each other, and the other party will not pay you too much, but as your feelings get warmer, he will be more and more willing to invest in your relationship, which usually includes: time, money, feelings, body. The more you invest, the higher your liking.

The above four elements are indispensable. If you are a boy, the girl you like is willing to date you and care about your life. However, she is not willing to contact you physically or to give it to a relative, which means you are about to fall into the friend area (and some girls are reserved and pretended).

If you are a girl, your favourite object has close physical contact with you, but you don’t want to spend time with you and don’t care much about your life. It is not really like it.

Some people who have sex with you may be willing to spend time and money dating you. But it seems that they are indifferent in emotion. It means that the other party is likely to just treat you as a gun friend, and they don’t really want to be with you.

Some people said:

“First class men pay money and time for their lovers, second-class men pay money but have no time,

Third-rate men have only time and no money. ”

Many elements make up the relationship between men and women. Besides time and money, emotion and body are the most important parts.

If you are also in the “friends above lovers are not full”, do not know what you will develop, give the answer to time.

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