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A man doesn’t contact you for half a month, doesn’t want you, doesn’t care about anything you do. What makes you have the illusion that he is your boyfriend? Do you see a sleep face to face occasionally? Girl, a man can hurt you so recklessly. He is willing to have only one. It is that you are too good to speak and be too easy to coax. It makes him feel that the cost of hurting you is very low so that it takes only three words and two words to make it as good as the beginning.

“He hasn t spoken to me in a month”

He obviously doesn’t love you. He just can’t find better in a short time. He maintains a relationship with you. After three words and two words, he goes to bed. He doesn’t have a word. He can air your text message and people to one side, and then he doesn’t move. The worst thing is to pull black after sleeping. Next time I feel empty and lonely and cold, I have physiological needs. Then I contact you. I will start around and become accustomed. I don’t know how to pity and respect the female side. When I meet such a man, I can only get out of my way and break up. Let go of it, let go of it, and never give up. Because of this bad man, he doesn’t know feelings at all, never thinks about each other, selfish life.

Girl, you’re angry, you bow. You give each other steps, you are a bitch! This man should have broken up early unless you can, in a well-informed way, choose to compromise without any request to continue your relationship with your artillery friends. Emotion is the communication between heart and heart. If one heart can not get another heart response, it will also survive. Breaking up is the best choice. In a relationship, you think about everything for each other, and the other party seldom takes into account your feelings; The other party knows the way you have to be, eat it, you speak and coax, and get angry and coax a few words, and you don’t have to bear any price. Eat fixed you dare not say cruel words, ruthless heart, any way you can not bear a few days to contact him. You have to be happy, angry, and he controls the score. You can’t get him a single shot, and you can’t understand the other party; Why do you want you to listen to him all the time, and the other side often ignores you. The other party can keep cold war with you endlessly, but you can’t stand it for 12 hours.

Then you are eaten dead in this relationship. You are like a puppet of each other’s Jacquard, and he controls everything.

No matter how you make a mood, he should be OK, do whatever you want, his spirit comes from no matter how he does you will not leave him.

“He hasn t spoken to me in a month”

You think you can bear him to be used to his love, he thought that you can’t live without him. Instead, he will not respect and cherish you, and to some extent despise you, always pick you up, such a bad man, leave to any woman, is to kill nothing

Too many girls like above, by the other side of the food, the other side is a bully, and flattering. He doesn’t care about your feelings. He can be reckless to you, but you are careful about him, afraid he will leave or get hurt. He is all you have, and you are only a small part of him.

But don’t you feel aggrieved in this way?

A man doesn’t contact you for half a month, doesn’t want you, doesn’t care about anything you do, and occasionally sees a face to face after sleeping? What is the difference between this kind of boyfriend and whether it is? Not good at expressing, so don’t care about you, because work because of family reasons do not contact you, do not contact does not mean not care. You are stupid! You obviously look for a scolding.

The two people who really love each other will miss each other abnormally when they are missing each other in one day. They will think about what they are doing again. Who is with each other, have they thought about themselves? Even if they don’t see each other in one day, they will also call and have a few greetings to hear each other’s voice and make sure that they are well.

He turns around and looks for you. You believe you are the one he loves most. He tells you that he can’t let you go. He loves you. I will go, these kinds of words only in love in the mind of the woman who has no intelligence will blindly believe. He loves you and he can’t give up your cool side, all the turning back is just his place not, that can not be, looking back for comfort.

Only a woman like you is stupid enough to believe that you are his true love. Instead, he will forget you without hesitation when he meets the right one. The man’s oath says that he will forget when he turns to bed. It is better to believe in the man’s oath than to believe in your own judgment. The so-called oath is enough to inspire himself. The oath in a man is not that I can, but I hope.

He can tell you these words, and he can talk to other women.

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