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If you study your chat records, you will find that she likes you very much

Girls love to be calm.

WhatsApp chat if only say one, well, in fact, the heart has already been excited

“Girl flakes but keeps texting”

Girls like you

Will take the initiative to tell you about her, her troubles will deliberately trouble you to take her express or something, will say that she is sick or something, see if you will say that you care about her, don’t necessarily take the initiative to find you, because she is waiting for you to find her, if you find her, she will see a certain second or even think about how to return, all kinds of small hint test will see if you can understand the girl’s mind, in fact, it’s very difficult to guess, it’s very easy to move

1. Say what to do, and then come back to you, “I’m back.” 2. I will share with you what happened in my life. 3. I hope you can comfort her. 4. I can chat intermittently from morning tonight.

A girl will be second back, talk to you more, talk to you first, don’t rush to misunderstand, in fact, this is polite, really like words is probably meticulous care and you have a curiosity like exploring the universe

There are three cases

1. I like to chat with you. Pay attention to your words

2. I like to ask you what you like very much. I’ve been chatting with you all the time. When I’m familiar with you, I take a coquettish tone

3. Plan you into the future, all of the above, care about you. When you talk about other girls, you will be unhappy and wronged. You should also use all of them to like yourself. Everything is on the premise that you are happy and make changes for yourself. It’s all about you

When you meet the last one, please don’t miss that you already have your future in her plan

Keep talking to me! Keep talking to me! Chat with you all the time! When eating, I will ask if you have eaten! When I take a bath, I will ask if you take a bath! When I go to bed, I will ask if you are sleeping! Boys, don’t get upset! Because this girl likes you! Want an answer! Please answer well! Thank You for Your Cooperation!

“Girl flakes but keeps texting”

I don’t talk to you every day

Once in a while, I don’t want to stop chatting with you. You will meet her for no reason. In fact, it’s all planned by her. She will often find some of your common hobbies and ask you out. In fact, the premise that girls like to be alone is that you are not a slow boy( I like a slow-moving boy. I like his performance. Obviously, he doesn’t feel it at all

No matter what you do, you will come back in the first second

Take the initiative to find you

And the reason is very unreasonable

I’m jealous

As a girl, I just want to say that if girls like each other, they will come back, OK!! Take a bath with your mobile phone!! See the other side back immediately dry hand typing!

You don’t know what to talk about, I do

If you don’t take the initiative to find me, I will care about everything I find you

When people touch him, they think it’s a robbery

Missing, see desperately want to hide, is so small to the dust

Other boys think she’s cold

You think she’s naive

Do you care about your trifles

If there is no way to say some ambiguous words, anyway, the girl’s careful thinking is just like the magnifying glass, which can be seen in minutes, especially the more honest and lovely one who comes to you with her chin in a few days

Anyway, I am like this to ordinary people: good night to the people I like

Because I am a shy person

So I have to find a reason to talk to him, for example: why didn’t you come to class these days Every time I chat, I think about it for a long time

She will be very serious for you to choose a gift, and then pretend nothing happened to give you

If she likes you, you come back to her late, she can guess what you are doing. If you play games, she may also play with you. Even if she is bad, she just wants to create more time to be with you

When a girl says, “I’ll take a bath first.”

So congratulations, she won’t die in the bathroom when a girl says, “I’ll take a shower.” So it’s a pity that she will take a bath until tomorrow

Of course, she takes the initiative to send you goodnight every day, and then she always likes to nag you. 

I chat with you late at night every night.

You don’t sleep, she doesn’t sleep, waiting for you to do your homework and go to school with you, but she doesn’t say she likes you after school

It’s really all kinds of topics

Take him to know my friends and ask him to introduce his friends to me. I want to live in his world. Even if he doesn’t come back to me, I will send him whatever new things I see, whether it’s voice photo taking or typing, mobile phone vibration. If it’s his news, even when I cross the road, I will go back to his residence. I read his mobile phone is confiscated. Every night I send him a message regularly When he didn’t return, sometimes he was very happy to return a word. He texted me, “I’m running out of phone bills.” I immediately ran to the convenience store to charge him. At last, I had no money left to call my parents to pick me up

Give him the steps

The smart get together, the stupid don’t get on, goodbye

If your chat record is empty

Then she certainly doesn’t like you

What about you?

Do you like him in silence?

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