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Before Valentine’s day, I sincerely offer all kinds of dating software, hoping to help you find a lover as soon as possible and spend the holiday together.

“Find someone dating site”

Bothlive: take you to the person around you

According to your current location, geographical distance and gender preference, Tangtan will push interesting people around you in real-time. What you need to do is to slide to the right, like it, slide to the left without feeling it. If the person you like also likes you, it is a successful match. You can also recharge and chat secretly with your favourite anchor.

Applicable population: about 20-5-60 years old

Suggestion: as face fighting chat software, photo taking and PS technology are very important to highlight the tight encirclement. In addition, the probability of photo deception will be relatively large, so we need to choose carefully.

Tinder: It’s a match!

As the originator of “probing”, its function is similar to that of “probing”. Based on your geographical location, it will “recommend” four objects within a certain distance for you every day, and score the recommender according to the number of common friends on Facebook, your interests and network, and put the recommender with the highest score in the front.

“Find someone dating site”

Users: mainly college students

Suggestion: the biggest difference between tinder and Tangtan is that it doesn’t need to fill in or upload a lot of information. It takes away the naked information exposure and builds on a Facebook account. So a Facebook account is essential

Two red beans: Overseas Chinese dating

Two red beans are the largest dating website for overseas Chinese, and the exclusive North American co-operation dating website for “if you are the one”, “one in a hundred” and “let’s date”. The operation mode is similar to Jiayuan. In addition to the online dating function, there are many offline activities.

Users: Overseas Chinese with high education level

Suggestion: two red beans are not like the other two overseas dating software we introduced, and there is no limit on the number of recommended objects. Therefore, it is suggested that everyone should pay more attention to each object of interest so that their information can stand out and catch their eyes.

Coffee Meets Bagel: Meet Great Singles Through Your Friends

“Coffee meets bagel” only recommends one object for users every day, and users have 24 hours to choose to refuse or accept. It also requires two people to like at the same time before they can start chatting. Users can also enjoy extra services by purchasing virtual currency “coffee beans”, such as getting extra “bagel” or seeing other people’s feedback on you.

Users: mainly white-collar workers, especially among overseas Asian Americans

Suggestion: “coffee meets bagel”, as the most popular serious dating software among young people, has many high-quality objects, especially the second generation of Asian descent. This software sometimes expands from your Facebook circle of friends, and it is essential to maintain your Facebook account.

Thanks to so many websites and software, we can finally have a happy Valentine’s day.

Note: This manuscript has no business relationship with the software described in this manuscript. Please protect yourself and pay attention to safety when using the software.

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