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Same-sex exclusion, heterosexual attraction. It’s just the same law of the ancients. However, in love, the degree of love between people, the number of people to pursue, there are still very different. Good-looking appearance, is the first impression, but really love a lifetime, but rely on a feeling, feel warm, a lifetime hope tired together, feel cold, hate to leave immediately. It is because of this, many people who love each other, halfway lost love, parted ways. A woman, if she wants to keep love, or when she is single, gets more favour from her suitors, she should constantly improve herself and let herself have the following characteristics.

“What kind of woman am i attracted to quiz” 

1, dress appropriately, clean and simple, appropriate makeup.

A shy-looking person, will not get a lot of love, even if your heart is how good, will be the first impression of others, deny your good. People rely on clothes, horses on saddles. A person, dressed properly, is to make themselves more confident, have a prominent temperament side. Don’t because of their own general growth, willing to hide, gray-headed earth face will let oneself really be “buried.” Make-up is a woman’s nature, but don’t makeup, it feels too fake, most men don’t like it. Simple make-up to give yourself a glow. In the women’s crowd, it’s a little bit special. Is not what looks like a woman, no one loves, to understand “radish cabbage, each has love.” People who look like them can be liked, so don’t be ordinary appearance, define themselves as ordinary people.

2, a softer character, know how to make sense. As you can imagine, a grumpy woman is difficult to find love, even if there is love, but also at the expense of a man’s whispering. Otherwise, both are grumpy, noisy, sooner or later to break up. A person’s capacity is limited, so learn to be inclusive of each other, women a little softer, feelings a little richer, emotional understanding of each other more. Nature is in harmony with love.

“What kind of woman am i attracted to quiz”

Although noisy is also love, everyday noise is not loved, taste bad. Two people’s happiness is quiet, is to understand each other what the heart is thinking, what to say, what to do. Reasonable people, who often get along more pleasantly, are a type that men like. Women are like water, gentleness is a man’s hope. In fact, women, to understand, “to Jokgang” is a woman is one of the ways to be looked up.

3, elegant a little, temperament from the heart.

Women should read, not have short hair. Women are also to use knowledge to improve themselves, do not be childish people, don’t care about anything, always around the small family group. To understand the society more, will not speak and personality incompatible, so as not to become a group of people. Elegance requires inner precipitation, not just silence. Elegance regardless of age, how many women, more than sixty, or so beautiful, that is the beauty of the soul in the face, in the manners between the expression.

4, let oneself be independent, do one best to work to make money.

A man marries right, is a lifetime of dependence; Independent women, no matter what the situation, is more wonderful. If a man is any better, don’t rely on it, or be a shadow of a man. To be independent of their own, to understand, make money to spend, atmosphere. Work is a way for women to live a full life. It’s not a good thing that a person is too bored, it’s easy to think about it, it’s easy to be unhappy. Work, how much money, but also the community’s recognition of you. All in all, a woman’s charm, part source appearance, more part source of heart. Be a charming woman, let men love you deeply, think of you, but also the best to show themselves.

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