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1. Please give him a favour.

Studies have shown that even if they don’t like you very much in the first place, they tend to like people they don’t like.

“Make him chase you again psychology”

This reverse psychology, some people hide their preferences! Do something you don’t normally want to do! 

2. Praise him… But not always.

Most people don’t get compliments often, so when they hear them, they tend to accept them, since the compliments aren’t real.

But it’s important to note that if he keeps hearing compliments, they lose their meaning.

3. Extend eye contact time.

It’s true. Long eye contact increases the likelihood that two people will fall in love, the study found.

Social psychologist Arthur Aron, who pioneered the study, said: “The two biggest factors that fall in love through eye contact are: i) the other person is quite appropriate and desirable;

4. Use his name more.

The name we hear is music.

When a man hears a name, it’s a form of self-improvement, even though it’s small.

Research shows that hearing one’s own name has a unique effect on brain activation because our “brain” responds involuntarily to the sound of its name and feels noticed and comfortable!

“Make him chase you again psychology”

5. Imitate his movements

One of the most common ways people can relate to someone is to subtly imitate their posture.

Psychologists have noticed that even if these postures are completely conscious, you can actually build closer connections by imitating someone.

6. Don’t be afraid to show him your shortcomings.

Many women tend to hide their shortcomings and “perfectly” attract men.

Although you never have to show all the flaws right away, it’s human to show him that you occasionally lose your temper… It also shows him that you are not a fake.

7. Let him talk about himself.

People like to talk about themselves. Even if we’re not born narcissistic, talking about ourselves is one of our favourite subjects.

Ask him questions about himself and let him speak out, and let him indulge in his favourite topics so that he likes you better.

8. Learn to have your own life center

Don’t pester him every day to give him a space of his own, which will make him feel more comfortable!

9. Prove that you share similar values, hobbies and traits to him.

Studies have shown that when you have values and backgrounds similar to those of others, they tend to fall in love with you (or interact with you), a phenomenon is known as “similarity/attraction theory”.

“Make him chase you again psychology”

Therefore, if he is a rebel, it is best to show your rebellious stance. If he is a family man, please talk about the importance of your parents to you.

10. Ask him for advice and suggestions.

A person will always appreciate your advice on something or his opinion because it gives him a signal that you respect him and want to know something from him first.

This makes him feel good about himself and makes him feel good about asking him for the information.

These 10 psychological skills, as long as you learn, you can take 80% of the men, if you can not take it, perhaps you are really inappropriate, you can consider the next, after all, for a tree, give up the whole forest is not worth it!

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