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I teach you away should be able to forget, I personally test, but also come out, how long you want to see your creation.

“Ignoring ex”

First, never see her (him), never see her for a second

Second, every time you think of her (him) immediately divert attention, such as going for a run to travel (preferably sports-related) No singing, no singing, no going to places you’ve been before, etc

Third, remember your painful points of the day (such as working at dinner before bedtime, etc.) and then make a strict plan to fill them up, such as enrolling in an interesting class, going to outdoor activities, taking part in activities, and not giving yourself painful time. 

Fourth, the above three points adhere to two or three months after the pain will be reduced, but sometimes will suddenly touch the scene, suddenly hysterical, suddenly painful tears … This is the time to sit back and analyze the feelings between you and your ex and summarize them. Because the time has passed for a few months, this time you are relatively calm. For example, after analysis feel that it is mainly you pay a lot, she (he) pay very little because a small thing does not love you, you will be relieved. Think more about what she (he) has done to you and gradually put it down.

“Ignoring ex”

Finally, I’ll tell you a secret: Don’t resent her (him) even if the other person does too much because resentment will only bring you pain. Good luck!

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