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There are always some changes in the real feelings. Once the pace of two people’s feelings is inconsistent, it is easy to break up.

“How to get him to chase you again”

It’s easy to say the word “break up”, but when I calm down after a fierce conflict, many girls will find that I am still so attached to him.

I hope I can still be with him, but if the other party has accepted the fact of breaking up and doesn’t want to give you a chance to get back together, it can only start again and attract you again.

First of all, we must complete the psychological construction

After the failure of a relationship, the most striking thing is one’s heart.

Especially when you really want to get back together with the other party, and the other party just doesn’t want to, that kind of want and can’t get. The pain of wanting to love but not being able to love easily makes people lose their senses.

Recovery is too hard. If your heart is not firm and you are not sure that the other party must be the one you want to be with, or your emotions are not out of control easily, I suggest you not implement the recovery plan for the time being, because your mentality and emotions determine your way of doing things.

So the right attitude, you have to have to give up to save the mentality to face him, you must firmly believe that you will be together in the future, just temporarily separated.

“How to get him to chase you again”

But on the other hand, you have to formally separate things, don’t indulge in the communication with him, don’t regard it as your lover or lover.

Don’t think about each other all the time, no matter where you go or what you do.

Every day we worry about gain and loss, which is very inappropriate.

After breaking up, crying and pleading does not play any role, will only deepen the other party’s antipathy to you.

Two people will be separated for a period of time, maybe he will not pay attention to you, your good and bad still exist in his memory.

If you give him time to gradually calm down, he will be able to maintain an objective evaluation of your good or bad.

But if you have been crying with him, he may think that he didn’t cherish you when he was so kind to you. Now you regret it. This time will make him more sure that it is right to break up with you.

Some girls will fall into a kind of resentment after breaking up and feel that they have done everything wrong.

Some girls are very high and feel that they are very wrong when they are separated

I’ve come to retrieve it. I’m condescending. You should promise to go back immediately.

This idea is also wrong because the feelings are equal, will also bring each other to despise you.

Be sure to figure out your real reasons for breaking up. There must be reasons for breaking up, and it will break out in daily life.

“How to get him to chase you again”

It’s absolutely impossible to break up with you firmly because of your little temper or other problems.

But these are all excuses for separation, and they are the last straw to crush your head. If you don’t even know the superficial reason and the real reason, you can’t tell.

It only shows that you don’t know much about the relationship, and your recovery may not be too big.

If you want to get along with the other party in such an attitude that I have given up to recover, another advantage is that you can convince yourself not to depend on the other party’s every move.

Maybe you would say, how can it be, if I don’t care about him.

Don’t let him know my existence. If he is attracted by other goddesses, how can I retrieve it?

Recovery is very painful and difficult to achieve, so it just needs you to have a very strong heart and calm

If he returns a message, you will be ecstatic. If you don’t pay attention to yourself, you will lose your mind. This kind of mentality is impossible to retrieve, because your demand is not too high, and will pull down your value.

We all know that it’s very painful to lose a loved one, but since you decide to recover, you have to accumulate it in the right way. You can’t be in a hurry. If you always stay on his too important cognitive level and let his every move affect your emotions, no matter what recovery skills you learn, it’s useless.

After adjusting the mentality, we should learn to distinguish between the fake breakup and the real breakup.

Fake breakup

The other party generally won’t delete your phone, WeChat and other contact information. Even if you just said that you broke up, you will be able to pull it back soon.

No matter how bad the other party’s attitude is, at least he will answer the phone you call and he will return the message you send. In this case, he is willing to communicate with you and has a greater chance of recovery.

At this time, you can get along in the place where you go as a friend, and occasionally have a little bit of ambiguity

Because after breaking up, two people, especially boys, always say we’d better be friends.

If you still want to recover, just follow him, which means that you still have a chance to stay on top.

What’s more, it’s time to be a friend. A friend can’t hide from a friend. A friend can’t be black-faced with everything, isn’t it?

After that, to maintain a little bit of ambiguity, let it go, never mention feelings, because in fact, in this mode of getting along, he knows what you want to contact him and what he wants to do.

But if you don’t say that he can’t refuse, but if you point out that he will enter the defensive posture, the pain of breaking up with you will be remembered immediately, so it’s easy to miss the opportunity, so in the false break-up, the recovery should be natural and gradual.

Real break up

In a real breakup, the other party won’t answer your phone or return the message. All contact information is deleted, completely treat you as a stranger, in this case, you have to learn to freeze.

Freezing is a very effective way to reduce the contradictions between you and your own sense of need. During the cold season, you can collect his information through relatives and friends, understand his dynamic, but not disturb him

The point of freezing is to calm you and the other person down.

Because in the emotion, even if the other party just refused your compound request and said a lot of cruel words to you, it doesn’t mean that he won’t think about you, as long as you don’t always brush the sense of existence to cause him to hate you.

Then one day your good, you have a good time together, he will still recall.

As for how long it takes to freeze, it varies from person to person. Some people will freeze for one month or three months. During the freezing period, the other person will be curious about what you are doing, which can also eliminate his negative attitude towards you.

The smaller the negation, the easier it is to change his idea of breaking up with you. However, it should be noted that the freezing time should not be too long, so as not to make him suspect that you have been put into the arms of others.

Or if you give him too much time, he may get along with other members of the opposite sex.

Whether it is a true break-up or a fake break-up, we should achieve self reconstruction in the process of recovery.

Be sure to know where your problems are

It must not be because I can’t cook, he has a cold, and I didn’t buy medicine for him.

It’s really a list of his unmet needs in a relationship.

for instance

Not enough investment, not enough Pro strength, not enough emotional pay, and so on, and then targeted transformation, there is to achieve a shape adjustment, after adjustment, you have to appear with him in front of a new self, let him see your change so that his attitude to you will not be so exclusive.

And with your in-depth contact, his acceptance of you will rise, and the original relationship between you is likely to have a recovery.

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