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The method is simple:

The first step is to proactively give feedback on the first date Send him a message. Talk about the event first and evoke memories:

The last meal was super delicious

“How to ask for a second date by text”

Further details, side compliments:

 And I find you very careful! Keep handing me paper towels

Finally, give back the feeling:

In short, it’s a very happy dinner!

The second step is a logical courtesy exchange

Ask for time first and make an appointment in advance:

Do you have time next weekend?

I know a great restaurant

Talk about the details and get interested:

 Their family has my favorite crab

How to ask for a second date by text

“How to ask for a second date by text”

Final offer, can not be refused:

Last time you invited me, also give me a chance please come back

 Here’s the point!

After eating, deliberately drop something at his place or take him one thing

Then tell him

Then pay it back next time you meet.

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