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Yesterday, someone asked me, in love, which girls are easily dumped, can you tell me, let me avoid? I don’t want to be the one I was dumped. I feel so ashamed and embarrassed.

“How does the dumper feel when the dumpee moves on—-6most easily dumped girls”

I thought for a while, and answered her solemnly: do you want to listen to the serious or the wrong?

What is wrong is that ugly people are easily dumped. Hahahaha, joke.

The right thing is the following.

1. girls who are too humble are easily dumped.

I said more than once that, the person who loves a little more in the relationship is surely easy to humble, but, it cannot be too humble.

Too humble will create an illusion to each other, even if you do not know how to cherish, even if you are thrown, can easily get you again.

And, humble to hurt yourself.

Some people to humble retain a person, constantly hurt their own body, hurt family, such love is really loving?

Humble to ignore their own bottom line.

For him to take no cover,

To borrow money for him,

For him to endure domestic violence over and over.

“How does the dumper feel when the dumpee moves on—-6most easily dumped girls”

2. girls who are too unreasonable are easily dumped.

Make a fool of it

In emotion, it is OK, but it is special to have a degree.

It can’t be you who likes to make fun of it, but you are always asked to coax you.

Then you like him, why don’t you coax him to let him?

He likes you, so tolerating your unreasonable teasing doesn’t mean you can make a fuss all the time.

3. girls who are too self-sacrificing are easily dumped.

Last week, I talked to a reader.

She said, for boyfriend sacrifice, a lot of, feel boyfriend but did not make this sacrifice as a matter of one, can’t you sacrifice for her a little?

I didn’t speak, but I thought that if I really love someone, I will not say how much I sacrifice for him. My self-sacrifice is willing.

It is also self-sacrifice, and I hope that the other party will sacrifice for you, only to make a relationship uncomfortable, and finally end up with a break-up.

4. too many girls are easily dumped.

Boyfriend plays a game manager,

A boyfriend has a food tube,

What underpants do my boyfriend wear,

Why not even my boyfriend when to urinate to manage?

Too much tube even, but also a double standard.

I can go shopping with friends, but I can’t allow my boyfriend and brother to play games together.

5. after falling in love, she feels that everything is good. Girls who don’t care about are easily dumped.

“How does the dumper feel when the dumpee moves on—-6most easily dumped girls”

Love needs to be managed,

Many people think that after chasing a person, the other side promised, nothing to care about.

They don’t know that after they reach their hands, it is the real beginning of love.

Only really need to constantly think about ways to enhance your relationship between the two.

At that time, I thought that it was over to pursue a person, and then I didn’t manage my feelings, and I relied on heaven to collect them.

At that time, my girlfriend even promised the other party’s confession, but also kept vigilant, found that there are some small problems in the relationship to solve in time.

6. with the object, the ambiguous girl is easily dumped.

Ambiguity can be divided into two situations.

The first is that the two people have no affair in love with which they have no stabbing. This is a good ambiguity, which can enhance the feelings.

The second is that after having an object, he is still ambiguous with other men, even proud. He also tells his boyfriend that, you see, there are so many people chasing him. You still don’t know how to cherish me. What do you mean by saying this?

It’s really stupid to tell the object that he is charming with other boys. 


There are only two possibilities to be dumped.

The first is that he didn’t love you at first, and then he was with you with a playful attitude. Later, he left you with patience.

The second is that you are in love and talk about a lot of problems, as a result, he can’t bear it, and you will be thrown away.

First, he is a bad man, it’s a good thing to leave him.

Second, you two clearly love each other at first, but for various reasons, more is regret.

Of course, even if you throw it, is it a bad thing?

no, it isn’t!

Many people think it’s disgraceful to be dumped. Why did he throw me away?

There’s no need for that. We can think about it.

If it is his problem, we are glad to leave a bad man, do not know how to cherish the good of old you, and with such a person, will not be happy.

If it’s our problem, we can pay attention to it in the next relationship.

In short, we are not at a loss.

Throw, never lose people, on the contrary, allow you to correct.

Ps: it is not necessarily a bad thing to encounter bad things. Think about it from a different perspective, but it may be a good thing.

So I hope you can think about it optimistically when you meet a bad thing.

You will find that life is not as bad as you think.

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