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This is a mental misunderstanding! “Black and white thinking”: In my opinion, if not all, or not all.

“Black-and-white thinking” is so extreme that it makes you think, “You agree with us or you’re against us” or “You’re not right or wrong.” Those who hold this view, if they look at the problem as not completely positive, or not completely negative, their thinking into a dilemma: all things are simply divided into “good” and “bad” two kinds. While such thinking can create successful politicians, business magnates and leaders, it makes the “grey area” between the two opposites of “black and white thinking” unsuitable, and the consequences are dangerous.

The “total affirmation or denial” way of thinking has the problem of masking subtle changes or nuances of things. It is rigid and unconscionable. Life is so complicated that this kind of thinking alone can’t solve all the problems. So people who use “black-and-white thinking” to think or act will find that the complexity of life can make you laugh.

“Black and white thinking in relationships”

For example, if you want to tell from a class of students which are “good” and which are “bad” and which are “bad” students, and have them stand in a row on the playground, you may find that they are simply divided into good ones according to the so-called “personal tag” and, in practice, take into account the coincident parts of the two. People with “black-and-white thinking” often find it extremely difficult to grasp the coincident part.

“Black and white thinking in relationships”

However, the positive way of thinking seems to be “powerful” and “important”, and it teaches people to look at things from a rational and/or conservative point of view. “Black-and-white thinking” tends to provoke wars and family disputes, and ultimately there is no guilt. When people find that “black-and-white thinking” is so weak that they have to admit that there is a “grey area” between the two opposites, the only way is to move closer to either side. (That’s what divorce and commercial competition are all about.) The danger is that when you’re busy dividing everything into two extremes, you’re missing out on valuable, alternative neutral ideas and solutions.

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Test “black and white thinking”

Be alert to the “black and white thinking” component of your idea, and try to use exact words such as “have to,” “should,” and “must” when presenting opinions and opinions.

Try to wear your shoes back and see what your way of thinking will look like – is it similar to what it used to be? What’s the difference before and after?

“Black and white thinking in relationships”

Tell yourself, “That’s complicated,” and imagine what the so-called “grey area” is, and you can write it on paper.

Next time, when you find that you don’t agree with a certain “affirmative” point of view, count to ten and sit back and think about whether there are other points worth considering.


Looking for the “middle ground”

You may feel that sticking to “black and white thinking” and living a good life is an essential principle or a personality trait. You have to remember that looking at problems is not just two angles, in addition, if you always divide everything into two extremes is a mental illness. Get rid of this extreme thinking and try to think about things in a continuity – try to move it to the middle and come up with your point of view or opinion. You may feel strange at first, but to change yourself, you are worth a try.

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