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BPD only reflects the personality of the traits after the relationship is intimate, and there is also a high-function BPD, not only with ordinary people but also the social function is basically normal, only intimate partners can feel the pain. BPD hurts those who try to be close to them and pleases those who are indifferent to them, which is not their intention, they just act according to their emotions, even if it is irrational. But this is a rather bad personality, they can not find the problem, thinking extreme, this extreme is not a moment, will run through their lives, the high function is often more lethal than low function because it is more hidden and difficult to judge, and more difficult to give up.

BPD and people to establish intimate relationships about a few months of intimacy period, during which the other side’s performance will exceed the usual good, it seems that you can do anything at any time, as long as it is not really emotional towards them, regardless of any age BPD can use simple skills to get started and get rid of, in fact, the main policy objectives of PUA learning is to have BPD personality of girls, BPD has a very high lifetime suicide rate, PUA school extreme disengagement program is to abet suicide. 

But this kind of person is not worth sympathy, because it is very likely that they are tortured by those who do not love them to live at the same time, some people are very fond of them but they do not need, this is very common in BPD, BPD is not really needed you to accompany do not abandon, nor really need a lot of love, but need to deal with the fear of abandonment and lack of love “feeling”, so a person who is not cold and not hot to them occasionally close, far more than a person who continues to pay true feelings, to give them a greater impact. BPD is the kind of boyfriend around and love her very much, she will still feel more and more empty and dissatisfied people, which makes many BPD itself will tend to get short pleasure, frequent love, and even extreme points such as promiscuity, if the difficult point, in fact, BPD in the emotion is born is relatively cheap, it is likely to put true love do not, while to give others as consumer goods, even free or desirable, and they themselves are very clear about this, But they can’t resist their impulse to give to someone who can give them a certain feeling.

The best way to deal with BPD is to “leave”, leaving is the accepted diamond law, you have no way to save BPD, all new friends will be for a while because they find the darkness of their body and leave them, unless those who are not actually close, but can get along for a long time, if they are your partner, leave them and start your life again, forget those good memories, tell yourself that it is just a disease caused by the illusion, Think of them as creatures rather than humans, and their feelings for you are not as deep as you think.

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