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1: Enthusiasm. Such a state is the best state of the duplex. In this case, when you contact your predecessor, the other person will reply to you quickly. Even if you expose a sense of need, the other party turns a blind eye to it or agrees with it. You send a message, the other party replies to you two or three times, even take the initiative to find you, will care about your recent situation, will talk about some of the common experiences of happy things. I once met a girl who called her when her ex was drunk and joked. Even when she was flirting with her ex, she didn’t refuse. You need to carefully identify his state, the most secure is that the above several states are satisfied, to determine that your partner belongs to the state of enthusiasm. In this situation, you can directly tell him that you want to see him, but you can’t be too eager. At the same time, you should avoid making long-term plans, such as telling him what you will do together in the next month or two, which will bring pressure on him. You can make the atmosphere relaxed and playful, and don’t get too nervous. In the state of enthusiasm, don’t waste a lot of time on the Internet. This state may not last long. It’s easy to lose its attraction after a long time on the Internet. We must meet as soon as possible.

2: Cold. In this state of the couplet, the other party’s reply is very cold, generally, you send a message in the past, he will only briefly reply: haha, oh, yes, um, I don’t know, sleep and so on. In this state, if you joke with the other party, he will only echo, but will not respond to your joke, let alone expand the topic. When replying to you, it’s fast and slow, short and formal. You will likely find him several times and he will only reply to you once. If you don’t contact him, he won’t contact you. In such a state, if you are willing to take risks, you can reply to him in a passionate state. In a good situation, your relationship may go further. In a bad situation, the other party may delete you, so you need to carefully consider this. The best way is to use the mirror law. In short, you can reply to him as he replies to you. It’s not that if he doesn’t take the initiative to find you, you don’t take the initiative to find him. It’s when you still have contact. For example, if he replies to you in half an hour, you don’t have to wait for him to reply in half an hour. In the process of reply, it will be better to add humour and misinterpretation, which will make the whole chat atmosphere relaxed. The purpose of using the mirror law to chat is not to show too much sense of need. If he doesn’t reply to you all the time, you don’t need to add any more information. Send it again in two or three days or a week or two. Specific how to send, you can refer to this formula: your state + your feelings + ask each other. As a matter of fact, there is no fixed routine or method for recovery. It depends on your state, whether you are confident enough, relaxed enough and natural enough, and whether your promotion is big enough. 

3: Disappear. After disconnection, when you take the initiative to find the other party, the other party does not reply to you. Your message is like a stone sinking into the sea. In such a state, you have to reflect on whether your disconnection has exposed his sense of need and made him defensive to you, or whether he has completely despaired of you and wants to draw a clear line with you, and has nothing to do with you. In such a state, you have to pay more effort to recover, you need to have a strong mentality and continuous toughness. You can continue to disconnect, continue to ascend, and one day you will succeed. In addition, there is another way to do it, that is, to save a life. Here is an example: the man and the woman broke up because they were separated from each other, and the woman felt insecure, so she broke up. To retrieve his predecessor, the man pestered the woman many times. About two months later, the woman completely resented the man and deleted his WeChat, leaving only the phone, but the man called and the woman didn’t reply. To save the woman, the man specially asked for a month’s leave to go to the woman’s city. Before he went, he sent a short message to his predecessor: I will wait for you for a month. After a month, I will disappear forever and will not disturb you anymore. After he went to his predecessor’s city, what he did was very simple: delivering breakfast and picking up work without any communication. Every day before his ex arrived at the company, he delivered breakfast to his ex’s desk and left. When his ex left work, he watched him get on the bus and go back to his residence. On the 28th day, the man felt that there was no hope at all. He bought a return ticket and sent a short message to his predecessor: I have already bought the ticket to go back in two days. I’m ready to go back. There is no regret this time. At that time, his predecessor only replied with one word: go away. But he still insisted on doing it for a month. When he got on the train and was ready to leave, he sent the last message to his predecessor: I have got on the train and am ready to leave. At that time, a miracle happened, and his predecessor replied: if you can come back in 30 minutes, I’ll give you a chance. Later they made up, and they are still very sweet, and their feelings are more firm.

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