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First of all, don’t think of yourself as a poor girl who is caught in misfortune. On the contrary, look for a scene to show your superiority.

Many girls may have seen it in their girlhood and were moved by the sentence in Jane Eyre

“If God had gifted me with some beauty and much wealth, I would have made it hard for you to leave me.

If God gives me beauty and wealth, I will make it hard for you to leave me. ”

What I want to say is that if Fangfang still maintains this humble attitude in love when she encounters a series of changes, in today’s materialistic society, there are no more than two endings. One is to become the prey of starvation for some slightly attractive scum men who adjust their marriage and sex life, It’s the kind of walking away with pants after eating; One is by some social loser old men who may have personality defects and are lazy, with a saviour mentality, and they are also choosy when they get benefits.

Our Fangfang didn’t make such a choice. After divorce and unemployment happened at the same time, she first threw her daughter back to her mother’s home and let her mother take care of her. Then she took out her savings and borrowed some money from her friends, courtiers and fans to decorate the clean water house she had bought from her failed marriage. Although she sleeps in the unfinished room with a yoga mat every day, every time she goes out to see a worker or a blind date, she puts on her best clothes, carefully puts on her make-up, drives her Polo to go out, tries to be decent, appears in all kinds of previous circles, and tells the people around her excitedly and with a sense of relief, I’ve been single again.

Therefore, in fact, many women in the face of changes, even if the status quo is worse, but no one knows how many cards you have, so your attitude is likely to determine your tone, and your tone can ensure that you win.


Then it’s hard to do your homework, participate in social activities, and try to learn the mentality and lifestyle of the rich.

After determining her own superior tone, she also creates a brand-name self-image for her social circle. As a girl with ordinary background, average ability, plain appearance and not having seen much of the world, it is particularly important to catch up with rich people, learn their way of life, think about problems and understand their frequent occasions.

During that time, apart from staring at her nest and releasing her single information in the circle, Fangfang learned more about sports, social networking, concerns, brands, gathering places, eating habits, places of access and other information that some rich people are keen on.

Please note that this information can’t be learned from books or by looking for chickens on the Internet. You have to know the truth through rich friends.

Fangfang has a few female friends who are rich or married to rich people. Please note that these girls are either used to being superior since childhood, or they have to rely on many means to achieve their present life. Therefore, they should be more tolerant and self concealing. They must learn to praise, and they should not easily expose their goals. All you want is information Because if they know what you’re trying to do, they won’t help you, will they? If it’s you, it’s the same with you.


Shape building

After obtaining this information, you may have sorted out a goal map according to the experience of overall management and goal management that you have learned in many years’ career. Anyway, Fangfang did that, made a good plan, and even made it to a certain day, in the morning or the afternoon, what to do.

However, one of the most important things to remember is how to make your appearance.

A lot of men will say, I don’t care about your appearance, only about your character, your character.

Cough, if you believe it, it’s really over. All the previous work is done in vain. Whether it’s Gao Fu Shuai who has money or strange corn in the market, it’s a definite rule that they want to find a fairy within the scope of their ability and conditions. People are so poor, don’t they want to find a fairy?

So, it’s absolutely right to make your appearance as good as you can.


The key step is to build your circle of friends, our media platform and all kinds of introductions that can search you through the Internet and mobile Internet.

I can provide you with some examples. All the poor girls I have seen who have made friends like this have successfully landed.

Poetry (North Island: at that time we had dreams, about literature, about love, about travelling through the world. Now when we drink in the middle of the night and the cups meet, it’s all the sound of broken dreams.)

Red wine (not a candlelight glass, but a French label. It can’t be the two years of October and November. The rain in those two years is not good. The grapes are too bad.)

Photography (black and white photo, light and dark contrast strong and fuzzy, dark angle, a look is Leica de flavour. The content is all kinds of parts and details, even the complete object will lose focus.)

Music (only foreign songs that no one has ever heard, Chinese can only be Chen Qizhen, the most common band is pink Floyd.)

Scenery (open roads in America, quiet street corners in Japan. It’s forbidden in Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand!)

Sports (skiing, golf, fitness). It can’t be a football and basketball match. It’s all spiritual opium given by poor people who don’t want to make progress.)

In the process of building this circle of friends, you should learn this knowledge by the way. If rich girls come to chat with you, you should have a certain understanding of art, literature and a noble lifestyle.

Don’t worry, many rich people don’t know much more than you. After all, it’s just a kind of lifestyle.


Identify targets from places where rich people often appear

Target recognition is divided into online and offline

On the line, you first need to pass the identification codes, access labels, and actively participate in discussions with people about perfume, name bags, cars and other forums and topics, and have their own unique insights. You know, most of the rich people in China are upstarts. Although they have money, they can choose with the mentality of only buying the most expensive, not the best, but in fact, they are still full of yearning for loftiness and advanced. Therefore, in this aspect, you should act like an aristocrat or elite. Even if you have nothing, it doesn’t matter. You can take screenshots and steal pictures. There are many ways, And on the Internet, no one knows who you are;

Offline, she actively participates in the social activities of rich people in various circles.

At this time, you have to do your homework. The first thing is the choice of activities, such as a gang of losers’ killing game, a single group hot pot party, or a KTV that costs 200 yuan a dozen beer to sing to the dawn. I suggest that you would rather watch more Korean dramas at home, at least you can learn how to dress up And don’t waste time in a loser’s game that’s far from your goal.

Remember your goal, that is, marry the rich, marry the rich, don’t waste your time. 

Instead, you can go to some concerts similar to Beethoven Symphony Orchestra; The Renaissance oil painting tour; If you are patient enough, you can listen to Kunqu Opera and so on. These are places where rich people come and go, although many of them don’t understand it at all. And you really have to do your homework.

There’s another place to go, and that’s the golf course.

I remember when Fangfang’s house was just finished, she borrowed 10000 yuan from me. Although she returned it three years later, she said the 10000 yuan helped her a lot. She met her Mr right there. That’s the golf course.

The 10000 yuan was allocated in this way. First, 8000 yuan got a squash card, and then 2000 yuan bought a set of good quality jerseys from small. What, clubs? Of course, it’s rented or borrowed. Hahaha, I can’t help it. The budget is limited.

In fact, golf is not everyone’s heartfelt love, but now it seems to have become a trend for rich men to socialize. After weight loss and microplastic surgery, Fangfang has practiced a lot of sultry posture in front of the video. Naturally, some powerful men will end up with it.

Fangfang’s fiance is one of them.


After targeting, there is a strategy to attack

If going down the golf course together is only the first step of encounter, then the strategic attack is the key to success.

According to Fang Fang’s description, then the diamond ring, luxury car, villa, accompanied by a romantic proposal, suddenly realized.

Maybe there are many details in it. It’s inconvenient for Fangfang to disclose. However, from the results, Fangfang has made efforts for one year, once and for all. We should wish her well.

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