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First of all, you can start from the Internet, the use of the mobile phone as a communication tool to guide and imply.

1, send a circle of friends to indicate where you want to go recently, or recently have a good-looking movie to see, has bought a ticket but someone temporarily cool in the circle of friends asked who would like to go, the circle of friends only he can see.

2, directly in WeChat chat, hinting at recently found what good places want to go, or find out where there is food want to eat.

First, you have to convey to him your free message.

Boys are most likely to want to meet their favourite girls when they have time on weekends.

Although girls want boys to ask themselves, the boys’ courage is sometimes very small, especially in the face of their favourite people, and now most of the boys are late, so girls in dating to make some assistance are necessary.

For example, tell the other person how to arrange the weekend, when there is time to actively communicate their free information to the boys you like, can indirectly show that you are willing to date his attitude if your schedule has been very full, then busy he is embarrassed to ask you out. 

Second, you have to tell the other person what you like.

Sometimes the boy’s face is relatively thin, always worried about the arrangement after the arrangement does not meet the girl’s wishes, lost the wife and fold soldiers, to the end even friends can not do, chat again will be quite embarrassing, so simply not about.

If you let the other person know your preferences, it is also convenient for him to make a better invitation to suit your wishes.

Recently there was a movie or something like that that could catch the eye.

Such a girl will make boys feel organic, so usually, chat can unconsciously show her what they want to do, like things or other hobbies, for boys, this is a very difficult hint.

Finally, be reminded to avoid the misunderstandings you fall into in the process of attracting boys:

The first mistake is to be too proactive in expressing good feelings.

The second misconception is that girls behave too well or too coldly.

The third misconception is overactivity.

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