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Little partners are wondering, a date, feel that people around can not escape the way to watch movies, shopping malls, and park skating. The two people have just started to communicate, there are many fresh feelings and a lot of room for choice. But for a long time, the Qiao woman is difficult to cook without rice. All the places to go, and all the people who should try have tried. They can do nothing for a while, and don’t know what to do.

In fact, in essence, how to date, the way of dating is not important, it is important to take care of the feelings of the other party. All dating content, around each other’s inner needs, is just as appropriate. Next, the small editor brings you 100 dating tips, some of which will give you a perfect date!

Dating place:

1. Understanding character

The personality between people is different, some people are more cheerful, some are more introverted, some are more mobile, some people are quiet. If, let a lively and active person, often go to coffee, a body of vitality nowhere divergent, naturally think dating boring.

If, let a quiet and introverted person, often go to the scenic spot of the crowd, the shopping mall dating, naturally also cannot be able to do. It is certainly much better to consider each other’s personality traits to choose a dating scene

2. Inner needs

Being together, whatever you eat, drink, play, is just a form. Dating, in essence, is to improve mutual understanding and feel the temperature of each other, more is to make both sides feel comfortable and happy.

If the other party is tired recently and wants to go closer to nature and experience relaxation, you can choose some suburban attractions to feel the relaxation brought by slow life. If the other party wants to change their tastes and taste some snacks and special dishes shortly, you can consider restaurants of different cuisines. All choose the place according to the inner needs of each other, and experience the beauty of dating, and let the partner gradually feel they’re considerate.

3. Planted point selection

In the work, it is very important to organize a large-scale activity or lead some people to visit. It is a very important step to step in. The same way to use it in dating is also necessary.

Nowadays, there are abundant social resources, such as restaurants, scenic spots, venues, etc. But what is the specific appearance inside, besides some evaluation on the network, we should go and see it personally and feel it. If there is a gap between the expectation and reality of the first date, a stampede can better avoid embarrassment during the appointment.

4. A new dating place

Dating can be romantic or challenging. If you don’t want to go to a regular place, try some new ways and places. The secret room can escape the game, which can increase the mutual understanding between the two people, demonstrate the ability to cooperate and mutual support, and promote the development of feelings.

Hand-made, we can see each other’s patience, together to complete a wonderful work and keep for a memorial. Listen to a concert, watch a play, edify art culture, and expand the topic between the two. Besides, picking, diving, fishing, travelling, driving, all kinds of novel ways can shape a perfect date.

Date action:

5. Make a date plan

Where do you go on a date to make a plan so you don’t blind it? You’d better step on a better date and change the venue in advance. If there are many people, you have to have a spare plan, and you should make a room to return. Otherwise, girls will be willing to go to the hotel with you and find no place.

6. Organize your personal image

Before going out, you’d better take a bath first. If you have perfume, you can spray some properly. Women are still very sensitive to the taste, and mustache must be shaved. Of course, your dress and dress also need to be considered carefully, not to say that you must wear brand, but at least clean and tidy, if it is not really matched with clothes, it is recommended that you choose black and white clothing, although not colourful, also not make mistakes.

7. Can’t be late

As a boy, it is polite and a gentleman to arrive at the date in advance. You must not be late. Some brothers saw some gods like to be late for dating or pigeons, so he did the same. I don’t know that people are very valuable and attractive. But it is not stupid for you to follow the study without them.

8. Talk about the opening of the meeting

You can choose something you’ve happened or talked about before, so you can quickly build a sense of contact. You can also humorously joke about her, or simply praise her, such as “you look like flowers today.” These can be quickly drawn closer to each other.

9. After you get to the dating place

(1) Chat skills

After we get to the dating place, one of the most important things we do is chat. Many brothers complain that they don’t talk to women. In fact, it is very simple. The first thing to learn to talk is to guide and listen. A good date should share friendly and easy topics and avoid creating a formal dating atmosphere, which is too serious for both parties to pressure. So when we meet, I can ask fewer questions. We can talk about some topics related to the surrounding scenes of life interests. The core of this stage is to make the atmosphere easy and interesting.

For example:

General boys chat:

Man: where are you from?

Woman: I’m local.

Man: Oh, how old are you?

Woman: it’s almost 22 years old.

Man: Well, I’m a little older than you. You work here, right? What do you do? 

Woman: I am the accountant of the company.

Man: Oh, so you are a major at University

Woman: Well

You can see that talking about women will be boring and dead.

And we can:

When meeting, you reach out like shaking hands with her. When she reaches out, you pull your hand back and smile and say, “is it too old for us to be so old-fashioned, relax, hahaha?”

She was nicknamed for fun. For example, she had a Xin word in her name. Everyone called her Xinxin. You called her another name, which caused the collision. For example, girls are cute, you can say, “call you girl Xin later, go-to drink, girl Xin.” If she’s against it, you say, “Oh, OK, little sister.” Add your cold smile (if she is smaller than you, it will cause her emotion. She may start role-playing, or start to play with you, call your little brother or something.)

This stage of chat belongs to the transitional period, not too long, below we should talk about some related topics, the purpose is to experience resonance, resonance.

Can talk about a childhood experience, childhood life, wishes, university life, etc. As a guide, you can first talk about your childhood fun, college events, and your plans and dreams about life.

(2). move in and move skills

Physical contact is accompanied by the whole dating process, which is both a test and a warming up.

First, have a mind free to enjoy your date, and physical contact is natural. Don’t worry about how to hold hands and kiss in your head. Women’s social intuition is very strong, you will only leave a very indecent impression on women!

Of course, don’t be afraid when you move in and move in. Be bold! You feel unnatural, girls will be more unnatural.

You can start with safe hair, nose scraping, arms, etc. here is a good way to play with women and make fun of it. This will make her body reject you the fastest.

So when to hand in hand and when to kiss? Actually, these are very natural things, you have to do is lead women. You don’t need her permission to kiss her. And any time you want to kiss her from your heart is right!

In conclusion, a perfect date not only needs to be based on each other’s personality, internal needs, interests and preferences but also needs to step on the spot personally, innovate and expand the location of various dates and some methods of chatting during the appointment, as well as some tips for closing up the relationship during the appointment. Through their careful preparation, I believe that heart shaping, so that each other can have a better love, with the permanent.

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