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In the boys’ opinion, if they feel satisfied with the woman after the date, they can’t wait to contact the girl the next day and don’t know if they’re doing it right or wrong. In fact, we generally do not recommend dating the next day after contact, it is easy for girls to cause you disgust, the following specifically said the date the next day does not contact the reason.

First, give each other space

After the date, at most in the evening when the home to ask the other person whether they have arrived home, this is also a kind of concern and respect for girls. The day after the date, both parties are still in a stage of consideration, if you contact the girl immediately the day after the date, the other person will feel disgusted, or do not think how to reply to you. 

At this time it is best for both sides to give themselves time to consider whether the other is really suitable for themselves, and then decide whether to contact each other to see.

If the two love each other, both sides have the feeling of not seeing miss. One day does not see the feeling of autumn, that natural water into the canal has become. If it is after the appointment to calculate the time to contact each other, it means that your feelings are not in place, this situation also does not worry, feelings to slowly place.

Many brothers and sisters chat, sister’s response is not good, this is because your chat did not mobilize the mood of girls, resulting in girls feel that chatting with you is very boring, slowly will not return to you, or even black you. I used to be in this situation, not to mention how depressed, and then found a small program on WeChat, called — “stupid boy love assistant”, whenever and girls chat, I open this WeChat small program, but the girl’s words into a search, it will tell me how to reply to girls, and there are a lot of chat cases and off-sheet tutorials can be learned. Now I chat with girls, a chat a quasi, basically can smoothly take home, you know. With this artifact, a sister takes off a single, light and relaxed thing.

Second, expose the sense of need

The most taboo in the process of chasing girls is to expose too much sense of need, so it is easy for girls to resent or be led away by girls, and you do not have the dominant power. If you contact a girl the day after a date, this will make you feel passive is in the rush to others, of course, after the date to contact the girl again time can not be too long, because the time is too long will make her think you are not satisfied with her. The best answer to contacting a girl after a date is: contact the girl on the third or fifth day after the date, if she comes out, it proves that you have a good feeling for you, and if she doesn’t come out, you can give up if you don’t feel it.

Third, keep attractive

The establishment of a relationship is not to say that relying on a single date can be established, you just date can not explain anything, the day after the appointment on the rush to contact the other side, it is easy to let the other party think you are not all thought out, think you are not very reliable. And if you don’t contact the other person the next day, but will let the other side guess what you think, is not satisfied with her, the girl will remember you in her heart.

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