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1.The first is the problem of online chat.

Most girls love each other very much after they love, and they turn love into online love. Because of their dependence on Internet connection, they regard the other party’s return information as a manifestation of love and love.

“Why is my ex boyfriend nice and then mean”

In fact, love is to return to life to feel, life can only feel in life, the network is only a tool of our life, not our life, this must be clearly defined.

If the other party likes to chat online, we should try to return to life, and not mention that the other party does not like online chat, then we should return to the current life.

On the Internet, because we can’t see people, can camouflage, and not so real, we can not see the truth, and return to real life to get along with feelings, can know whether we really like it.

Remind girls not to turn love into online love. Two people can negotiate well. How to communicate on the Internet, can also make clear requirements, they need to reply, or telephone communication.

Although it is conveniently online, the worst way is to communicate online. The best way is to meet and communicate. No matter how we should try hard to meet and talk with each other. 

“Why is my ex boyfriend nice and then mean”


The size of life is the presentation of our inner real ideas.

You two clearly need to express their love and consider each other in love, but they are not willing to do so. Finally, they have a psychological shadow. This is a bit exaggerated, and it is a habit to make things bigger. If you can’t deal with any small things well, how to deal with the big problems of marriage and life in the future.

In the relationship, only if we really think about each other, can the other party feel our concern and love, but consider the personal benefits and gains and losses, such feelings can not be long-term.

Learning how to express love is the direction that the subject needs to make great efforts to change.


Communication is the biggest problem in many intimate relationships. We have discussed the communication methods in our column. Today, I would like to remind you again about the communication mode and mentality.

First, whether a person communicates effectively has a great relationship with the mentality.

In fact, such expression is with accusation and negation, and the two people get unhappy, but because they are said with emotion, the other party is not happy to hear it.

Deal with emotions before communicating, and then express content.

So in communication, it is not that others are reluctant to speak, but we do not allow the other party to speak, understand what they say, and let the other party feel you understand, so communication is called communication.

“Why is my ex boyfriend nice and then mean”

Only speaking on their own can not make the relationship better, so communication is also the subject need to strive to improve.

The above three aspects have changed, and the relationship will always be maintained better.

I hope we can take the feelings seriously and attentively. Our attitude towards feelings is the attitude of feeling feedback.

Understanding feelings, self-development, always get feelings, the easiest way.

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