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Many couples are excited and easily break up. However, after the break-up, they find that they love each other very much, and they love to face. They may regret the break-up, but they are not willing to ask for a compound request from each other. So how can we know if the other party still wants to fit?

“Sure signs he wants you back”

In fact, this situation is very common. I have seen that most of the early breakups are anxious. I don’t understand the emotional feedback of the former, which leads to the change from fake breakup to real breakup. A lot of people talk to me. The former seems to have a good meaning, but if he is ready to leave, how can not determine the attitude of the other party, let oneself hesitate, whether to pay attention to save each other.

In fact, if the ex wants to compound, there will be some signs. Of course, in the early days of the breakup, these signs are not obvious, and even make some strange actions, which are elusive. But if you observe, you will find some clues and help us recover our success.

First praise you should remember that no matter who proposed the break-up, no matter how noisy and bad the mood was, your predecessor certainly felt about you. When you were in contact, each other had a lot of time and money to make you feel romantic and “intimate”. It also takes a certain time to get each other out of their feelings. You may have anxiety and upset emotions after the breakup. Maybe your ex is the same as you and has the same feeling

When the bad things come back at the beginning of the break-up, he will surely remember the good times you had in the process of communication. And at this time, as long as you use the correct recovery skills, you can completely mobilize his remaining feelings for you and recover the success

a key:

After he broke up with you and returned to single, you would immediately save it. It is not necessarily successful,

1. you are too anxious to make him feel that you can’t be without him. Your position is falling in his heart,

2. in the case of bad emotions between both parties, you propose to compound, one desperately wants to escape and one desperately wants to pursue. Of course, there is no way to recover, but you can only push the other side further and further. You’ll be rejected when you go to the compound.

“Sure signs he wants you back”

2. the recovery you want is to establish a long-term relationship and finally go to marriage. You must go through the love process again and attract him again. Let him have a new love experience and then put forward a combination, so that the channel, will be more persuasive.

With this initial understanding, let’s talk about how to judge whether the ex wants to be compound?

1. contact you

The direction is combined with you, generally in 7-15 days, no matter what excuse, what reason, maybe to ask you for help, or to take back some things, he can not actively propose to compound, as long as there is contact, it means that you are in the heart, if you like to find you to take things after the break-up, and say something irrelevant, It shows that he is struggling in his heart. Do you want to be compound?

This is the best situation, in which case, even if the a continuous connection, there is a certain recovery. That is, we call “non-isolation method of recovery”, but you must be reminded that you can not talk in disorder at this time, and you can’t say it as lovers used to, because you have already broken up, and the more disorderly we talk, the more likely you will die and die.

2: Continue to be a friend

Many lovers continue to be friends after they break up, which means that there are still feelings between you, or they may not bear to completely cut off the relationship with you, or his heart is also painful. Sometimes even his own can not say clearly why he is willing to be friends with you after the break-up. As long as he is still willing to regard you as a part of life, this is very beneficial to the recovery.

And you have this favourable condition, start with friends first, but it is not to make you a “friend” role all your life. In the process of communication, there is a strategic test of the other party so that the feelings warm-up, the recovery of success rate increased by 80%?

“Sure signs he wants you back”

3: Jealous

If you break up, you expand your social circle, and know other heterosexuals, and often go out with them to play, and there is some jealous language or behaviour. You want to analyze his jealous mental state:

1: He doesn’t want you to let go of your feelings so soon. He is resistant to being with others.

2: He doesn’t feel as strong as he used to be and may want to keep you as a spare wheel,

In any case, you are from the first column to the second column. It is not a bad thing. You can use his possessive character. If you have the right way, you can succeed in the upper position

4: Go to bed after breaking up

After many couples break up, they will continue to maintain physical relationships. If your predecessor wants to crack with you after scoring, it means he still has a fatal appeal to you.


If you want to have a long-term relationship, it is not recommended that you have a physical relationship with each other after you break up. The vent is short after vent will bring more emptiness, and this in desire compound, heart still not with the heart, to your recovery, harm is greater than good.

5: Emotional response

You have been breaking up for several days or weeks. He is still upset and keeps his mood at the time of the break-up. He is always in the state of breaking up. He will probably be immersed in the past and can not walk out. This shows that he puts you down and still cares about you. You can find a lot from his social media. Show that you still have the opportunity.

6. no intention to develop new relationships

We often say that the best way to put down one relationship is to start a new relationship. For a person who has had a love experience, it is not difficult to start a new relationship. If he breaks up for a month or even half a year, he does not have a new relationship. Then there are only two reasons for him:

He can’t get rid of this emotional injury

He still has a long mind for you and hopes to be with you.

7. I don’t want to erase your marks

If you break up, he doesn’t want to erase “traces” about you, such as your password settings, gifts you send, remember your preferences, and so on. To give up is to give up from the heart, not to give up orally. All this shows that men still want to be with you.

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