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People tend to stay with their own kind. In fact, this is mainly due to the psychological need to seek a sense of belonging, so as to obtain one of the five needs of security. It is the soul of this group that can gather the scattered people to form a group.

Generally, the scattered people gathered together by this soul character always have some shadows of this soul character, that is to say, they have some commonalities. It is precisely because of this commonality that this soul character can attract people and form a united group.

“Mane attraction”

When it comes to the attraction to the opposite sex, in fact, there are many factors that affect the attraction, such as people’s appearance, body shape, moral wisdom, temperament cultivation, level and so on. Because humans have the instinct to breed, they have an advantage in heterosexual attraction. Of course, there is attraction between the same sex. Today we only talk about attraction between the opposite sex.

No one is perfect, everyone has more or less defects.

Strange phenomenon is: there are many beautiful and handsome men, although loved by everyone, but their peach blossom is not much.

And many of those who are full of peach blossom are ordinary in appearance and talent, and they are not very top-notch in all aspects, or even have no special background aura.

“Mane attraction”

As a man, if he doesn’t have the inborn conditions, or his head and pocket are empty, how can he improve his attractiveness and stand out in the process of chasing girls?

First, build a good first impression

How important is the first impression? I won’t repeat it here. In this society, even if others don’t care about your appearance, no one has the obligation to understand your heart through your imperfect appearance.

If you are in contact with girls, ignore the impact of the first impression, then the next contact, will be greatly reduced.

The first impression is not only appearance, but also verbal and non-verbal information.

That is to say, you should not only clean up your appearance every day, but also pay attention to the verbal and non-verbal information you release when you contact anyone.

“Mane attraction”

Especially in the meeting with the girl you like, you need to be prepared for the topic, control the speaking attitude and image collocation, as well as the establishment of the whole atmosphere and time control. Remember to exaggerate yourself blindly, don’t talk about topics that girls are not interested in, and don’t talk too much.

For example, boys should not be slovenly every day, the clothes they wear every day are the same, they look wrinkled, and their appearance is not sharp. When chatting with girls, they only boast about themselves, regardless of the feelings of girls, which is very attractive.

Second, reveal their own value properly

If you want to attract the opposite sex, you need to know how to show your value at the right time. When you contact a girl, her first impression of you is OK, so you have to show your shining point properly.

In the high value of boys, there are many aspects, such as seriousness, sincerity, humor, positive energy, gentleness, patience, generosity, love, taste, etc.

If you don’t have a lot of money, or even very poor, at least you should let this girl see that you are very positive and progressive.

If you are not handsome, you should let the girls see your humorous and good side.

According to their own situation, to maximize the display of their own advantages, let girls find your flash point. 

Third, enhance the internal cultivation

Even if you now rely on your external attraction to attract a girl, but for a long time, the attraction slowly declines. At this time, you have to improve your inner cultivation to support your attraction. Good looking skins are the same, but interesting souls should choose one. Emotion is nothing but: begin with beauty, fall into talent, be loyal to character. Reading is the most effortless and efficient way to improve yourself. Books are not only a ladder of progress, but also a good thing to clean yourself, or a “medicine” to change you. She worships you and admires you more through your talk. This attraction will last forever!

Know how to package yourself“ There are only lazy people in the world, not really ugly people. ” Whether men or women, often clean, often maintenance, more dress. Even if it is not natural beauty, there will be style, style and temperament. It’s more important to find the right position and improve yourself than anything else!

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