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Texting your ex is one of the most convenient ways to make your ex miss you, but it can be a challenge because many people, both men and women, often start with a mistake.

oh Even if you’re wrong in the beginning, you don’t know what to text your ex-boyfriend you miss.

“How to tell your ex you miss him over text”

In this article, you will learn the art of texting, which will make your ex miss you and want to come back. These messages will allow you to choose exactly what to send to your ex when you are not in touch.

1. Afraid of texting your ex

For years, I’ve been listening to people’s complaints and questions about how to get back together with their predecessors via text messages.

“I don’t want to call my ex, I still need him, but I’ll text. But I’m still skeptical about texting my ex, what should I do? ”

Most of the people who have broken up but are still interested in reconciling with their ex will sometimes be in high spirits and become less rational. Texting their ex may lead to the loss of him.

I understand the fear of texting your ex, because your ex may not be able to respond to your messages soon or even at all. Texting your ex doesn’t take your life, and it shouldn’t be something you’re afraid of. I sincerely suggest that you look forward to the following possibilities when you are going to text your ex:

(1) Your ex will reply to your text messages

(2) Your ex won’t reply to your text messages.

Now that you’ve realized the possibility, are you ok? If so, you’re ready to win back your ex by text message.

2. Things to note before texting your ex

It’s not as easy as it sounds to text your ex to get them back together, but it’s possible. To make sure you don’t destroy anything by texting, here are some things you shouldn’t do when you try to retrieve your ex by texting. 

“How to tell your ex you miss him over text”

(1) Don’t spam your ex

It’s no good sending your ex a million text messages in a row. It’s a bad idea to text back to your ex. I haven’t found the effect of spamming an ex-girlfriend/boyfriend who wants to get back together by text message.

(2) Don’t text your ex because you are lonely

Missing someone is not enough reason for you to get back together. It’s a good idea to make sure you get back together on the wheel of love, and whether your relationship will improve at this stage.

(3) Don’t be too emotional

If you really want to find your ex by text message, don’t be too emotional. Don’t text him about your emotional state, such as “I’ve been crying since you left me.” many texting behaviours are considered too emotional. I hope you have a clue now.

(4) Don’t text him when you’re drunk

I know you don’t want to regret it. Why text your ex? It’s always a bad idea to text your ex when you’re drunk. Text only when you realize what you’re doing, so you don’t mess up.

“How to tell your ex you miss him over text”

(5) Be honest with yourself

Don’t text when you’re not sure it’s a good idea to get back together and it’s something you really need. It’s ridiculous to want your ex back when you’re not sure that’s what you really want.

3. Follow the no contact rule

“No contact” is the best way to reply. You don’t have to worry about whether your ex who just broke up with you will fall into the hands of others, such as: “will my ex leave without contact?” You will be in a hurry to end losing him, so it will take some time to heal.

When you don’t get in touch with your ex, stop several ways to get in touch with him. Don’t text, email or call him even on special occasions; Promotion at work, birthday or try to remind him that if you are together, today should be your anniversary.

At least four weeks of “no-touch” will give your partner enough space to miss you. During this time when you are not in touch, both of you can examine and decide on your relationship when you finally get back together.

4. No contact after SMS sending

What is the first text message you want to send to your ex after you have no contact with him? You haven’t been in touch with your ex for 4 weeks, and he hasn’t tried to contact you by text or phone? This was sent to him first.

When you text him for the first time, don’t use normal text messages. Make sure your text messages to him are thought-provoking.

General text“ Hello. What’s the matter? “How are you doing? Text messages are strange. A better way to rekindle a relationship is to bring up a shared memory or an interesting part of life to make it interesting.

When there is no contact after the breakup, you will do some interesting things, which will make your ex want to know what you are like now, you just tell him about your fitness“ Does she run now“ Who would be her coach? ”

5. Should I call or text my ex?

Texting is usually the best way to communicate with your ex. You don’t need to have a full face-to-face conversation with your ex before you can express your feelings.

Texting your ex will give you plenty of time to reply when you are free and when they think they can.

Reply to your predecessor by text message allows you to analyze the text messages sent by your predecessor, and then find the best reply to your predecessor’s text message.

6. What happens after 30 days without contact rules?

The difference is that people want to know whether the rule of “one day no contact” is just a hoax. Here’s what the “relationship center” wants to say;

The 30-day no-contact rule gives both sides room to rethink and find out if it’s a good idea to re-connect. The 30 days no-contact rule can also be another fact.

7. When did your ex miss you after breaking up?

You may want to know when a breakup man starts to miss you, so you know when to text him. Breaking up for a month or two is enough to make a man miss you. In this period of time, boys who don’t miss you need more time to miss you. However, this does not apply to dumpers.

I’ve never been able to skip the question “when did men start to miss their predecessors?” Every time I talk about getting back together with a lot of people, I always have this idea in my mind. Your question has been answered in the previous paragraph. But no one knows how long it will take for men to start missing you after they break up.


In this article, you’ve seen what to text when you miss your ex. Whether you really need your ex-girlfriend or want your ex to regret breaking up with you, the fact is that he will take some time to find out if it’s really a good idea for you to get back together. What happens next is up to him. If he finally comes back, then the best text sent to his ex-girlfriend as described has saved your relationship. If it doesn’t solve the problem between you, it doesn’t mean the end of the world.

Yes, you can cheer up and find yourself in your heart. When you do your best to bring him back, you will become healthier and happier.

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