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Listen to others say, if you want to fall in love well, you must learn to master the fire of distant, near, cold and hot. So how can we make love right?

Ok… Now let’s show you how to fall in love. But before you read this secret, you need to make up your mind to give up the idea of obsession and give each other more space.

“How to steal a girl from her boyfriend”


Basic methods

1. Make frequent phone calls, then make occasional calls, and then make frequent phone calls.

2. Adjust the frequency of sending short messages… 3 times today, 5 times tomorrow and 0 times a day after tomorrow.

3. My friend’s girlfriend is really good… It can arouse her jealousy. It’s also one of the secrets of Taiji love.

4. Often offer an appointment invitation, and then suddenly interrupt the invitation

5. The other party takes the initiative to ask you to look busy.

6. Pretend to be busy and hang up when the other person calls you.

7. Often praise her beautiful, and then gradually do not praise, and then launch flattery again.

8. Confess your feelings, and then don’t mention them again.

9. Be brief on the phone, but be talkative on the date.

10. Usually show indifference and indifference, occasionally give her a surprise.

In fact, it’s very easy to master the heat… Keep sweet talk and surprise moving for a period of time, then ignore and solidify… Then start heating and show endless care.

“How to steal a girl from her boyfriend”

But most people can’t master the seesaw principle well because they haven’t learned to use the right time and expression (no contact, or mystifying behaviour can’t be more than a week), or because they are deeply involved in it, they feel good about themselves and think that they don’t need to mystify in front of true love and that as long as she shows a little dissatisfaction, she will shrink back, This can only be seen as the entanglement of no courage and no plan in front of love.

matters needing attention

Don’t cut off the communication without any reason.

2. Don’t leave each other in the cold for no reason.

3. Don’t delay anything for too long.

4. To learn to enjoy solitude and waiting, the more proficient you are in this way, the higher the proportion of success will be. You can’t play Taiji love well without enjoying loneliness.

5. Be patient.

6. If taijishu is not applicable in a specific situation, we can act according to the practice according to the actual situation.

7. It seems to have been captured by the other party, but it doesn’t seem to be. This is the Taiji style of love.

8. Just as we have never realized the importance of air, one-sided blindly paying will make the other party feel that your existence is like air.

This method can not only show the importance of her existence but also capture her heart and make her body and mind closer to herself.

We should bear in mind that the use of Taiji style love skills can not be fully favoured by her.

“How to steal a girl from her boyfriend”

She has a lover… I’m just an ordinary friend of hers

At this time, the best way to get close to her is to play the role of listening to her crying. She will contact you immediately after quarrelling with her boyfriend, which shows that she trusts you very much. You can get some information about her current boyfriend from her crying. If you have the opportunity to show more consideration and care for her than her boyfriend, you should have all the advantages he doesn’t have, so that her heart will gradually incline to you.

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