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First of all, let’s talk about material investment. When you have identified the man in front of you as a suitable development target, you can start to guide him to make an appropriate material investment for you. The most direct guidance is that he spends money for you. You may often hear the saying that men make money and women spend money. Yes, a man is willing to show his ability with money, but you should know that what he likes is to spend money for the woman he loves. Therefore, how to spend money in the emotional world can not be underestimated. In front of the man you love, what you want is not only a few pieces of jewelry and clothes but also the incalculable truth behind the money. So, a smart woman not only spent his money but also won his heart.

“How to get him to put in more effort”

Next, let’s talk about how to let men spend money for you in detail from several aspects.

First, let a man be willing to spend money for you. First of all, the most important thing is to let him feel that you don’t care whether he has money or not. Let him believe that you will always guard him and face the coming days of poverty or wealth with him. Never tell him that you attach great importance to money. If you let him feel that the source of your happiness is based on his wealth, He will think that your love is conditional, then his pay will have a certain limit, although you can tell him that money is really good, because it can realize your dream, you choose him purely because you want to be with him, whether he has money or not, can’t change this fact. Sometimes, to remove his doubts, you can even ask for a pre-marital notarization. Don’t be afraid of having any money to spend. To make him sure that you are not a man who doesn’t spend money in vain, you can show that you are a modern woman who advocates equality and independence through some small sections.

For example, when you go out for dinner on a date, you can take the initiative to pay the bill. What makes a man interested is that the self-reliance of a woman who does not take spending his money as a matter, of course, will only deepen his determination to pay what he has.

Even so, to deepen his understanding, you have to make an excuse to go to the dressing room to settle the bill quietly. For example, if you want a man to spend money to give you gifts, you can give a man some practical and inexpensive small gifts first. Generally speaking, sensible men will know the truth of courtesy. Next time, he will take the initiative to give a gift as a reward. Besides, men love face very much. If you give him a gift worth 200, he will probably give you a gift worth 400 to show his heart. Of course, the value of the gift is not the most important. The important thing is to guide men to spend money for you and cultivate the habit of letting them invest for you and your relationship, These are definitely smart investments, and their dividends will benefit you for the rest of your life. You know, men like to conquer those self-supporting and reasonable women, let them have a sense of hierarchy.

Second, we should learn to be coquettish to men. It is said that a coquettish woman has a better life. What a man can’t stand most is a coquettish woman, because it will arouse their heroism and produce a desire to protect you. If you give him a coquettish timely, he will be happy to ask him to satisfy your wishes. Women should learn to be coquettish, not only add fun but also make the man you love crazier and love you. But coquetry also has skills, women’s coquetry is not unreasonable, coquetry is also an expression of opinion, master the right methods and skills to express their inner demands, can also increase the man’s favour for you. Like pinching him, beating him, wringing him, tearing him, biting him, and pointing it with fingers, these feminine actions can be selectively used in cinemas, on suburban roads, and lazily lying in his arms by the open square. This is a kind of warm approach and gentle trust. Using reduplicated words to talk with men may have an extraordinary effect. Men like to see their beloved woman in his role in the occurrence of incredible changes, such as tender, crazy, stupid and so on.

“How to get him to put in more effort”

Of course, these methods are selective and vary from person to person. And coquetry also needs tonal cooperation. If he is angry, he will lower his head to pull his hand and say, honey, I’m wrong, or you don’t have to be angry. You don’t have to say some sentimental words, but the expression must be lovely and lively. You should have your own style and gradually strengthen it. You can also follow the role model in movies and TV plays, but you must choose an example with a similar temperament. The most important thing of coquetry is to find out the other party’s ability to bear coquetry, where his bottom line is, and to what extent can he tolerate you.

Smart women will not act rashly before they know all this. If they act in a planned way, they should be good at creating opportunities. In fact, to put it bluntly, they should first make him happy and do something unexpected and happy. At this time, you will take out a bill, and then he will smile and watch you pay automatically.

“How to get him to put in more effort”

Third, sincerely express your thanks. Men spend money on women to make them happy. They hope that the money they spend is worth it. Therefore, women should not think that it’s natural for men to pay the bill, but to be happy. Men like to spend money on happiness. What they care about is not how much they spend, but the way and attitude of spending money. If you can express gratitude and appreciation for what they pay, Then a man will feel that he is a giver. This feeling is a kind of happiness for a man. Even a simply good one will make him feel a sense of achievement and participation.

First, let him spend more time with you. What kind of experience is it to find someone more willing to spend time with you? In short, you are always a priority in his schedule. As long as you need to, he will always appear in front of you as soon as possible to share your joys, sorrows and joys. He will spend several hours buying you your favourite egg tarts, push off your friends’ meals, watch movies with you, quit games and watch Korean dramas with you. To some extent, guiding men to invest in their emotions is a process of cultivating emotions, and emotions are gradually cultivated over time. So a man must spend more time with you and then take advantage of the opportunity of being alone when he is with you. They can play ball games, swim together, cultivate some common interests and hobbies, and travel together to create some common good memories.

Second, let him spend his energy to help you solve small problems. Good feelings are out of trouble with each other, he solved the trouble for you, can let him get a sense of achievement and existence, and you, get his help, to express gratitude, you can find an opportunity to thank him so that you can form a mutual support emotional mode, can let your feelings become more close. So in the emotion, when you encounter a little trouble, as long as it does not involve the problem of principle, don’t be afraid of trouble, the other party can boldly ask for help with him.

Finally, whether it’s material or spiritual, to really hold a man’s heart, the most important thing for us is to strengthen our self-cultivation. First of all, you have to be an independent woman. Don’t let a man always feel that you are just a burden or even a burden to him. This requires that women should be mentally independent, have their own views on problems, have their own principles in dealing with people, and have their own dreams and ambitions in their hearts. Maybe you may not have enough independent financial ability, but you must be an independent whole, not living for him or this family. Although he was moved by your dedication to love and family, you won’t really win his respect. Only the integrity of personality and mutual respect between people is the basis of getting along.

Second, you have to be a confident woman. There is a saying that a confident woman is the most beautiful because only the beauty of self-confidence comes from the depth of the soul. It can let you master a lot of life and love initiative, also can let you in the management of love and marriage on the road to change according to the situation, or constant should change. Women’s self-confidence dominates women’s temperament. In the face of men, only charming temperament is the most lethal weapon. The face will decline with the years, but temperament will increase with the wealth of experience and knowledge. Therefore, when economic conditions permit, women should not be reluctant to spend men’s money. Only when women know how to spend money, men will love you more, And then make more money.

Only such a woman can easily stay with a man. When dressing up and pursuing fashion, don’t be afraid of being old. Women always have old charm. As long as they dress up appropriately, they will naturally win the appreciation of men. In addition, you have to be an emotional woman. After a man gets married, he will go out to find a lover, maybe because he is tired, You are always the same dress, nagging and rhythm of life, not in the kitchen with an apron on your waist, cooking, or sitting in the living room with pyjamas on the sofa, wiping tears, watching soap opera, or cooking and washing clothes, teaching your child that you always seem so busy, he feels that he can’t get close to you, not that he doesn’t love you.

A man is tired of life, but intimacy is not so important. Most of the time, he just wants to find someone to talk with him and find a lover. Maybe he just wants to get back the happiness and passion you brought to him from another woman. In this case, a woman must take half a day off every other time, Change into a man’s favourite costume to accompany him to a movie, do a short trip, even occasionally when people don’t pay attention to his ear a sour and dissatisfied whine.

Besides, you have to remember to be a considerate woman. In fact, being considerate doesn’t need to be deliberate. It is often reflected in many details of life. For example, you can easily find what he wants to find, remind him to call his parents often, help him clean his clothes before going out to work, and make some light food when he gets angry, When he was busy working and preparing to stay up late, he quietly poured him a cup of tea. All these details told him that you love him so much, which is better than sweet words.

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