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When a girlfriend is angry, she usually says something very unpleasant. Let’s analyze it first:

I am not angry – not angry is strange, hate to break you up, the mother is to see you understand, if you don’t give me a satisfactory answer today, don’t want to live out!

“What to say when your girlfriend is mad”

You stay away from me? Do you see what you’re talking about? The old lady is angry like this, you did not say a word to the mother’s heart, give you the opportunity, you are not used?

Many boys feel the same thing: “once a girlfriend loses her temper, she is wrong no matter what she does, silence is wrong, and it is wrong to say it is wrong, and refutation is wrong, even breathing is wrong.”

This is caused by the differences in the thinking between men and women. The main communication mode of boys is “reporting” based on the statement of facts, and the main communication mode of girls is “relationship” to express emotions.

In the satirical short film, “this is not a nail problem”:

A nail was inserted in the head of the female Lord, upset: “I have been sleeping hard recently, upset.”

My boyfriend is very confused “pull out nails not good?”

The girlfriend does not let the nail out, but also upset said, this is not a nail problem.

So when there is any disagreement and unhappiness in a relationship, you must not follow me step by step only by feeling yourself:

Step one: to lift her hostility

Many boys are angry with their girlfriend, always a fierce criticism and criticism, eager to defend themselves, even little trivial things will be put on the table quarrel.

But this can only make girlfriend feel that “explanation is cunning, and cunning is a ghost”

Both sides are arguing about who is right or wrong, and then they are in endless quarrels

The right way to do this is to restrain your inner impulses and find out what’s right in your girlfriend’s criticism, rather than into a quarrel that hurts your feelings.

“What to say when your girlfriend is mad”

Sometimes a girlfriend may accuse you: “you are too boring, you’ve been cold.”

I’m angry after hearing it. Am I not good enough for you? Do you want to find another boy? Barabara

It is conceivable that

But if you change the phrase, “I’m really a little more sensible, sometimes I don’t express my emotions.”

Not just to defend and take off for yourself, but to admit that it is not.

As a boy, do not feel like you lose face, to know that girlfriend is the biggest face!

Step 2: thinking about transposition

When we finish the first step, it’s hard for you to fight.

And then I should think, why does my girlfriend say that? Do you understand her feelings?

Don’t look down on this step. I have seen many couples who have had friction, either locked themselves in the room, or stepped out, or used cold violence to close the bridge of communication, especially in remote love.

One side thinks I am for your good, and the other side thinks it is up to me to impose your will.

Because we don’t really understand each other’s feelings, why do we think that the other party doesn’t understand ourselves more and more, gradually a wall will be formed? If it is not solved in time, the wall will only be built higher and higher among you.

Many times, you may only need a simple listening and a warm question to solve 98% of the problems in your feelings.

In a relationship, when there is a quarrel, your girlfriend must have said to you, “why do you never listen to what I say?”

Do you really think about the meaning of this sentence? Or have you been defending yourself?

If you could ask her, “I seem to let you down and you can’t stand it anymore, is that right?”

Put yourself in her mind. When she says her dissatisfaction, you should listen carefully, and do not be hostile to her. Accept all her, whether good or bad, abusive or praise, happy or sad.

“What to say when your girlfriend is mad”

If you really choose to do so, what you hear is no longer a lot of accusations, can you really see the fragile side of your girlfriend, promise me, hug her.

At any time, trapped in the fight between death and death, not for themselves, but for her really consider.

Step 3: ask

In the face of the negative emotions caused by the conflict, the boys simply coax “I will take you to eat deliciously” and “don’t get angry” all kinds of family hugs and raise a high series of offensive forces to eliminate the negative emotions.

Boys and gentlemen, you think that if your girlfriend agrees to your request, it will be a great deal?

Coax is coaxed, but the problem that causes you angry solved?

Many boys are afraid of conflict, feel that coax girlfriend, it is all right.

But it was the same saying, “if the problem is not solved, it will always exist.”

It will break out one day, which is also the reason why love turns over the old account in love.

What should you do is ask your girlfriend to express your feelings and what is the problem that causes anger? What did you do to make him angry?

Let the other party talk about their negative feelings more and focus your emotions on specific issues.

Work with her to solve these problems, only in this way can you make your relationship stronger.

Step 4: appease

Everyone is eager to be cared for and valued. When the wind is calm, we always want to stick to each other and give each other enough love and care.

But in the face of differences, we lose this patience, eager to prove that we are right, even blame the other half, say words like a storm, smash each other’s heart.

No matter any skill or method, it only means. Only “love from the heart” really makes girlfriend happy

Sometimes when a girl complains about you, it doesn’t let you provide solutions, but needs you to listen quietly and express your understanding,

Like the solution to the short film “this is not a nail problem”, it is not about fixing nails, but feeling the pressure of a girlfriend

PS: write at the end:

I will not start with my love story like other answers and tell you how to coax my girlfriend with sweetness.

My point is that coax can only solve a temporary problem,

Maybe because one time the king did not choose to play wild, can coax, because a certain date eats, can coax.

But when you get married, you have a problem with buying a house, and when you are filial to your parents in your family, can you still solve the problem by coaxing?

You just need to do one thing well, that is, as a man, always keep your mind and take responsibility for this love.

Because there are people who think that I just need to be happy now. Later, we are good now. Why should we mention unhappy things?

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