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Off-site love your girlfriend angry, delete your friends and threaten to break up, as a boy before and after you may fan three mistakes.

The first mistake: not caring enough about her. Off-site love is inherently prone to problems, once the problem is difficult to solve. Not caring enough about her leads to her accumulating too many bad emotions and disappointing you. Losing your temper has reached a critical point in frustration, when quarrels, complaints, or angry words break out to draw attention to comfort. This is the stage of remedy and appeasement, knock on the blackboard!! Don’t tell her the truth at this time! After all, girlfriends and truths you can only choose one. 

“What to say when your girlfriend is mad—-how to coax a long distance girlfriend when she is angry”

Second mistake: failure to respond to her claims promptly. She and you trouble may just encounter difficulties or miss you too much, as a boyfriend, because of off-site reasons you can not accompany her side is a dereliction of duty, this time to say a few soft words will die? But you didn’t respond to her correctly and promptly when she was angry and crying, and you continued to ignore her. (for example, to tell her the truth, do not feel that they have a mistake, feel that she unreasonable, etc.) My boyfriend on my side crying while listing his mistakes fell asleep! ! The next day I blew him black. Your first mistake was not hard to fix, but your continued neglect and incorrect reaction led to an escalation of the problem: she blackened you and threatened to break up with you.

“What to say when your girlfriend is mad—-how to coax a long distance girlfriend when she is angry”

The third mistake: cold violence against her when she was saddest. Black, you represent she has been very disappointed in you, but if not involved in a third party this break-up is a violation of the heart performance, girls will generally use this kind of gambling behaviour to tell you, and then do not coax me you may really lose the baby.

By this time she was in a very sad state and might have experienced mild self-abuse, such as hunger strikes, crying, illness and not taking medication. If you love her, you should hurt her, talk about it or agree to break up with her, so congratulations on your future as a real single dog!

Many boys naively think that girlfriend angry was pulled black, cold her a few days maybe she will calm down and take the initiative to run to make peace. According to experience, this possibility is very small! ! Imagine a person who abandoned her at her most angry and saddest time, and when she calmed down, she would consider not making good, but thinking rationally about the meaning of this relationship.

This time it is recommended to appear in front of her immediately!! Sincere apologies! Call! Give me a gift! Pacify concern! Wait downstairs! Speak soft words! Always really touched her! Make her think you still care that she loves her. Even if there is a part of her fault, she will realize and admit it afterwards, until she is moved to forgive you. Otherwise, repeat the above behaviour.

“What to say when your girlfriend is mad—-how to coax a long distance girlfriend when she is angry”

Of course, if you already don’t care about her, wait for her to say this sentence can break up, so not only as usual break up but also break up the pot she also back.

Suggest caring more about girlfriends, after all, angry is difficult to coax.

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