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I found a secret of you.

Set suspense, general sister paper will ask what secret, protest practical

You are late

The interesting paper will return to “just good”.

“Seductive conversation starters”

3. it is said that the second is true love

This sentence is risky, but it is very lethal. If the sister returns in a second, it will improve the relationship in a moment.

“Seductive conversation starters”

4. hi! Taurus girl

Don’t ask me how to know her constellation. Makeup one and give her a topic

5. all said Pisces are in fantasy, so what are you thinking now?

Like the chat skills above, read it cold and open the topic in a flash

6. has anyone said that you look like XXX, especially when you laugh (analyze the specific situation)

Boast people must be distinctive, not “you look good/beautiful”

Thank you

I’m glad to meet you

8. I just won the XX prize

Beauty: good luck. congratulations.

You: Yes. I thought my luck was all about meeting you

Opening remarks for talking with girls

“Seductive conversation starters”

9. hum, I don’t speak

Role exchange, originally you add girls, you said that girls added you, to mobilize girls’ emotions

10. hahaha, I guess I am the first handsome guy to greet you today, isn’t it!

The response rate of the younger sister paper is higher using humorous arrogance and slightly funny than that

11. your eyes are beautiful / your lips are sexy

Praise girls to boast bright spots, from details the most beautiful

12. the photos you FB took were great!

Starting from the Internet, give girls different feelings

13. I just met a very interesting thing

Guide interesting things, make each other curious and ask

14. it seems that there is a particularly interesting film recently

Guide XXX movies. Can’t we talk about it

15. I think you are unique and want to know you

Sometimes, it is easy to get the girl’s kindness by being honest

16. only after eating with friends, I got home and had a good meal

Express your state, and you must add your feelings

17. I used to have a lot of hobbies, and now I have one left

What would a girl ask curious? You can answer to meet you

18. photo opening

You can send a picture to a girl, you can have food or fun activities

19. sorry

Response: what’s wrong

Let you know me so late

21. your hair… Your clothes

Everyone cares about themselves, and details will always be noticed.

23. hi! Let’s play a role-play together! 

Let’s pretend to be close and ease the embarrassment

24. Just watching XXXX in the cinema, several girls cried

What movie is so touching that it causes curiosity?

25. I found your life wonderful

No one will refuse to praise the recognition and appreciation of the female students’ lifestyle

28. Something happened just now. I can’t be calm for a long time

To my sister said the mobile phone screen broke, of course, fake ah, just to lead her to talk, tend to humour.

29. You like sports and running too / you like pets too / you like travelling too

Interest and hobbies are common topics of conversation. This kind of speech is simple and easy to establish contact with.

31. You are very similar to my next girlfriend

This first chat technique is flirting, and it’s a quick way to get closer to each other

32. Have you been told that you feel like you are in love?

The girl listened to the sweet honey in her heart. After all, she gave a feeling of first love, which means she is very pure, and can not reply

33. the thunder and the wind and rain are on my side. What is the situation with you

The opening remarks with the weather as chat have always been a good technique, which can easily cause the response of the other party

34. Talking to you, typing a little bit

Hey, maybe I’m excited. What if I eat it. This is a bit mischievous.

35. I’m glad you passed my friend’s request. Thank you.

Appropriately and properly express their own understanding of the other party’s happy mood, can make the other side also feel happy, have a happy mood, more want to talk about.

36. We should not have too much pressure, so we should know a new friend more.

The young people do not exclude making new friends. In this way, we are willing to try to talk. If they want to talk, they will have an opportunity.


Therefore, in the chat with girls, a better first chat technique should be state + feeling. This way, there will be a lot of extensibility and wide space for girls to find more chat topics from your reply.

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