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What’s the opening line for?

Nothing more than throwing you into a scene, putting you into the framework of chatting with girls, and grabbing your collar to let you talk to your sister. Apart from these, nothing works.

“Seductive conversation starters—-5 universal opening remarks for chatting with girls”

Imagine that there are two men, a and B.

This man, who has a special skill, has mastered the top opening skill in the world. As long as he says the top opening with a woman, the woman will immediately find him very interesting and handsome.

But in addition to this magic prologue, what a man talks about is particularly bad.

If you think about it, when a girl goes to chat with him, in the beginning, she feels that he is so handsome. This opening line is amazing and cool.

However, after a long time, I found that his chat became more and more boring, which made women lose interest gradually, rotten and unintelligible. Would women still be with him because of his powerful opening remarks?

B, a man, has a silly opening line. Every time he starts with a woman, he only says “Hi”. Compared with a man, it’s just the distance from the sky to the ground, which is not comparable at all.

Women don’t think he’s cool just because he says “Hi.”.

But B, a man, is good at leading girls through chatting, guiding girls to make an emotional investment, and gradually achieving the goal of making girls interested in themselves

Now think about it again. Would a girl refuse to be with him because of his plain “Hi” opening?

Why does this happen?

In fact, when chatting with a woman at the beginning, as long as we don’t make big mistakes and adopt appropriate techniques and methods to chat with a woman, she won’t hate you.

Even if your opening speech is very empty, very bad, even if you say something wrong, causing a little embarrassment, the girl will not hold on to this little problem, she will not pay attention to it at all.

“Seductive conversation starters—-5 universal opening remarks for chatting with girls”

Why do you have to struggle for so long?

You just quit in your heart and don’t want to show your imperfect side, but we are just the general public, the smallest existence in the world.

Everyone is inevitably flawed, there will be mistakes, there are such and such small problems, we should not feel inferior for this thing, everyone is just in the pursuit of perfection, there is no perfect thing in this world.

Some brothers will leave me a message:

“The girl told me that, how can I get back to her better?”

This is the same reason. It shows that you are afraid of girls’ refusal from the bottom of your heart.

They are afraid that their inappropriate language will irritate the goddess, that the goddess will ignore her because she can’t speak and that she will receive negative feedback and all kinds of rejection information.

To put it bluntly, such a man is still too glass-hearted, like a child who has not been weaned. He can’t fall, touch, accept any rejection and bear any setbacks. However, when we chat with women, each of us will encounter countless rejections and setbacks.

If your goddess never gives you a message of rejection, you need to worry. You have no chance to know her.

If you want to achieve the desired results, you have to have such a strong psychological quality. You are afraid to make her unhappy by saying wrong things again and again, and you are afraid to get negative comments. Over time, you will become mute in front of her, and you can’t say anything.

“Seductive conversation starters—-5 universal opening remarks for chatting with girls”

Repeat the important words three times:

The prologue is not important, the prologue is not important, the prologue is not important.

Girls like you, it has nothing to do with your opening remarks;

Girls don’t like you, it has nothing to do with your opening remarks.

But a good prologue can indeed give you points. It will hide your sense of need. If the prologue is not good enough, girls may classify you as a “satellite” series.

It’s like this:

“You have a wonderful life. You’re so beautiful. Aren’t you a female model?”

“The first tacit understanding we have is that when you don’t speak, I’m also silent.”

“Has anyone ever said that you look like XXX, especially when you smile?”


An opening line like this, which is either too low in value or looks like a loser and thirsty, tells you all about your needs.

If you really understand the girl’s careful thinking, the opening remarks can be done in a few words.

“Hi”, “hello”, “what are you busy with”, or just a simple expression pack

Next, use the feedback from the girl to choose the way to tease her. If her reply is not very positive or the feedback is general, stop first.

If the effect is good to continue to tease, do not come up on the flirtation, that is too many points.

If you can, consider talking about some third-party topics as a transition to the opening remarks.

for instance:

“I saw you in XX group just now (class group / workgroup)”

“I was a little nervous when I met you this afternoon.”

“Looking at the information displayed in the location, we are not far away (social software knowledge)”


Just a few words of gossip, and then your relationship will naturally escalate into ordinary friends.

I also specially summed up some practical tips for opening remarks for you to share.

① Third-party topic opening

For example:

I finally received the express today, but I didn’t expect that the merchant gave me a three-tier package. It’s a good pit.

As long as it’s a slightly interesting third-party topic, it can hook up girls’ interests, and avoid the embarrassment of checking their household registration, asking and answering.

There are too many third-party topics to choose from, such as Food and snacks, tourism scenery, cute pet, constellation, entertainment gossip, film and television animation, psychological test and so on.

②. arouse her curiosity

Man: eh, I find you have a characteristic. Woman: what characteristic?

Man: it’s always very concise

Woman: No

Man: Well, you must have a lot of money in your pocket

Woman: where is it

Man: it’s like gold 

Curiosity is human nature, and the most unconscious concern of human beings is themselves.

When you look for characteristics from her, she will have constant feedback, such as eyes will smile, dimples are very cute, looks like an eater and so on.

③. confident and humorous opening

Example 1:

Man: Congratulations, there’s another handsome guy in WeChat friends

Woman: ha ha ha

Tips: this move should be used with caution, depending on your appearance or other conditions.

Example 2:

Man: I’ve been friends for so long, and I don’t take the initiative to say hello

Woman: Hello

Man: you are so formal, it seems that you are in an interview

In a word, if you want a girl not to dislike you, you should first know what she is interested in. To be realistic, what people pay most attention to is often the content related to themselves.

④ Find topics from girls and start in a half-joking way

“Your head is so cute.”

“Your picture is so beautiful”

“Where did you shoot this delicious food”

“Come to my bowl.”


Girls are eager to be concerned, although she is very reserved and low-key on the surface, but has been looking forward to someone who can pay attention to themselves.

Looking for topics from girls just shows your careful attention. You can add a lot of points to your half-joking humour style.

⑤. exaggerate the details

We all know that praise can make a person’s mood better, but it’s just a drop in the bucket to always use the praise words of the rotten street.

Like “Hello, what’s the beauty doing?” “You are so beautiful” and other compliments will only make girls curl their mouths. Girls have been immune for a long time.

You should boast like this:

“Your lipstick colour today matches your skin colour”

“The earrings you’re wearing today look better than last time.”


The more attention is paid to details, the more brilliant the effect will be. There are so many places to boast, so don’t always use some platitudes.

Of course, these are just some common examples. After mastering the principle, you can play it according to your own situation, and then adjust it according to the attitude of girls at any time.

Once again, the prologue is not important. Don’t worry about it.

The role of the opening speech is to mobilize the emotions of girls. The most important thing is to have the feeling of interaction. We should avoid the way of question and answer communication.

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