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This question is very interesting. The answer of men and women will be two completely different painting styles. Girls think that if you don’t contact me, it means you don’t like me; And boys think that just because I don’t contact you doesn’t mean I don’t like you.

The boy who contacts you every day doesn’t necessarily like you, and the boy who doesn’t contact you often doesn’t mean he doesn’t like you. Love is not proved by contact.

“How long to do no contact”

I know that there must be some girls who don’t agree with me, but this also represents the difference in thinking between men and women.

Let’s talk about why some boys like it but can’t get in touch.

1. I don’t think there is any result for each other

Girls are natural sentimental animals. They are easy to be emotional in their feelings. Compared with objective facts, they care more about their current feelings and are used to guiding their behaviours with heart.

Boys are not without emotion, but more rational than perceptual. Everything they do is based on objective facts. Compared with their inner feelings, they think more about the results of behaviour and are used to using their brains to guide behaviour.

That’s why, when men and women quarrel, most of the girls will always tell their emotions and feelings, while the boys prefer to be reasonable and solve problems.

Similarly, in front of liking, they often think first: can I catch up with you? Would you like me? Isn’t that a problem? Can I be worthy of you?

If the result they get is not, then the reason in their body will tell them that it may be the best not to start.

“How long to do no contact”

2. The character is passive

There are extroverts in life, there are introverts, extroverts are willing to say anything, used to active expression, but introverts are always used to hiding their hearts, do not know how to express themselves, so they choose not to say anything.

Naturally passive people are very slow to do anything. Even if they have true feelings for you, they will be very reserved. How dare they show them so frankly? When they face you, they are only timid and silent.

In the face of this situation, don’t worry, but to give him time, perhaps the right time, he will take the initiative, so we need to be more tolerant and understanding, introverts, although not so active, once the decision is made, they will often be very firm, so they tend to be very affectionate.

3. I’m waiting for your reply

Why does a person who has been chasing you for a long time suddenly won’t contact you? Why don’t you think about it?

In fact, the reason for not contacting him is that he wants to know what kind of idea you have for him. What he is waiting for maybe a very sincere answer. As long as you answer any affirmative, he will continue to like you well, because he understands your feelings, so he will not let go easily.

After he chased for a long time, you didn’t directly express some thoughts in your heart, so he will think about what kind of heart you are and what kind of feeling you have towards him.

“How long to do no contact”

So he will give up pursuing you because he wants to use this way to tell you, can you tell him what your heart is like so that he can have the confidence to continue to get along with you.

Boys are still like this, not to mention girls. After all, girls are the strongest when they dare not contact the people they like.

At the same time, whether men or women, more or less have heard such a sentence: how can you not take the initiative to contact if you really like it? If you don’t take the initiative, you must not like it.

So they both began to fight secretly, waiting for each other’s words. One day, two days and three days have passed, so you start to scold: hum, as expected, you still don’t like me, just in time, you can’t.

There are also people to make the other party feel that they are not easy to get ordinary people, in daily communication have to stretch hard, let the other party think you have no interest in him, reply just out of politeness, the result that the person will “interest” left you.

In fact, seriously, as long as you feel that the other party is within your consideration, what’s wrong with you taking the initiative? A lot of poisonous chicken soup is saying that women can’t take the initiative and will be looked down upon by others. 

As a result, many girls will hide their “like each other” thoughts. They are afraid that they will be known by each other. They are afraid that if the other party knows, they will not value themselves. Even if they are together in the future, they will be inferior in this relationship, lose initiative, and become worried about gain and loss.

So, from the beginning, he disguised himself, pretended that he didn’t like what he liked, and pretended that he didn’t need company when he wanted to accompany, but in fact, he was very tangled.

Don’t think that someone will see through your disguise and all your disguises. Such a person needs the luck to meet. In reality, more often than not, he really doesn’t understand if you don’t say it.

It’s really no big deal to like someone and takes the initiative.

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