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Engaged in a seemingly good job, stable income, security, decent identity, but God knows my inner uneasiness, uneasiness is divided in this small world, I have my potential and dreams, the inner voice has been calling me to leave here, to re-open up the world. However, if, really take this step, lost this security, perhaps the road ahead riskier, more rugged, hesitating, wandering, contradictions, inner suffering, so that has been throwing away the present, give up tomorrow’s state of a difficult life.

‘From the age of three, we are faced with choices, A or B, ‘ says Han Shaogong, author of The Correction Process. ‘The process of choice is the beginning of self-control and the beginning of the internal conflict.

“Blowing hot and cold psychology”

Although these conflicts do not cause obvious harm to our bodies, they torture our hearts time and time again, losing our inner peace in the wobble.

If I guess so, you may face this ordeal in these scenarios:

When your supervisor assigns you extra work, you get bored, run away, and refuse, and this state of mind is unconsciously reflected in your expressions, words, and actions, making the other person feel your confrontation.

If through such confrontation, work, as you wish, did not give you, your heart is not happy and happy, but guilt and pain, interpersonal relationships are also in a state of tension.

If the task is still under pressure, you are constantly complaining, constantly disgusted, spending time in work that you think is very unworthy of pay, the whole person can not be peaceful and comfortable.

Either way, you’re uncomfortable.

Krishnamurti, a famous Indian philosopher, said: “If you look at the older people around you, you will find that their lives are made up of a series of battles with themselves, with their spouses, with their neighbours, and with society.” This never-ending battle drained the energy. ”

Our energy can be spent on love, on what is worth doing, on things full of joy and dreams.

“Blowing hot and cold psychology”

But your energy is completely exhausted in the battle of yourself and yourself, and your swords and swords cause inner tangles and pain.

In fact, it’s easier to destroy your life.

What is the underlying colour of all our happiness and joy, and I think the background colour lies in the peace within us, so how can peace be done?

I’ll explain this process by turning it into a butterfly.

I divided it into three paragraphs in chronological order.

The first paragraph is the “caterpillar” stage and then goes through the process of “breaking into butterflies” and finally becoming a butterfly.

It’s a process of time, a process of growth and maturity.

But there is also a very important point you do not forget: caterpillar when it is just a caterpillar, and ann anything like this a caterpillar, broken into butterflies, it became a butterfly, but also in the status quo of butterflies, no longer want to go back to the past.

In fact, what I want to say is the present, the present and the free.

In any case, your choice now is this profession, this job, then we will be comfortable with this profession, this job, do everything at hand.

When your superiors give you what you should do, you accept it and try to do it well, which does not necessarily give you the upper hand to look up to or appreciate praise.

But, most importantly, your inner acceptance, and mutual honesty, form a healthy person and people between sincerity and trust, and such sincerity and trust feedback to your body and mind, so that the whole body and mind bathed in harmony.

“Blowing hot and cold psychology”

You do what you have to do, and the heart is at peace, there will be no conflict, no guilt, no consumption because you are now a caterpillar.

Then you know that you’re going to “break” your mission, spend every moment of your spare time listening to your inner calling, doing what you like, what you’re good at, and what you’re passionate about.

Then this time, to achieve at ease and have a thriving vitality.

With the passage of time and unremitting efforts, sooner or later will wait until the “break” of the moment.

Perhaps this is a mature, responsible and comfortable process.

If we divide time into the past, present and future, we have been living in the “present”, because “now” is the “present” of thousands of “past” coming together, and “future” always has to start “now”. What’s happening now and all we can know is “now.”

Let every now “comfortable”, as if to let each pearl “brighten”, is really need to practice.

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