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If you tell you directly that you have a pendulum in your heart, you will not believe it. So, please think back, have your mood been like the waves of the sea, ups and downs? For example, when you have a party with friends, you are happy and happy, and you are lonely and lonely when you are alone; Go out and have a good time, but I am upset about the monotony and boredom of our daily life after we come back. These are the phenomena that we are moving towards two extremes in our hearts.

The fact is that our psychology has very obvious bipolar. There are positive and negative, positive and negative, tension and ease, excitement and calm, love and hate, music and sorrow, misfortune and blessing, approval and opposition, etc.

“Blowing hot and cold psychology—-psychological swing effect: People’s hearts will be like a pendulum”

In daily life, people’s psychology will be swinging between these two poles with the psychological activities of specific background. Fan Jin Zhongju is the most wonderful and most exciting chapter in the history of foreign scholars. Fan Jin’s happiness and sorrow are typical examples of the psychological pendulum effect.

Most people are puzzled, why does a normal person have a psychological pendulum effect? There are several reasons for this:

First, there is kind of ups and downs in psychology. This means that the psychological changes of human beings are like the waves of the sea, and the tide rises and falls, and often changes according to certain rules. And this kind of change always swings back and forth at the two poles of psychology, which produces the effect of psychological swing.

Secondly, the effect of the psychological pendulum is closely related to the bipolar cycle personality of individuals. Some people’s personality characteristics are always very obvious at the two poles, ecstasy and tranquillity; A moment of passion, a moment of frustration; A moment of joy, a cry; Love, hate, etc. These people are particularly prone to psychological pendulum effects.

“Blowing hot and cold psychology—-psychological swing effect: People’s hearts will be like a pendulum”

Third, it has a great relationship with the contrast between environment and role. Generally speaking, the psychological effect of people with a large contrast between environment and role is easy to produce; On the contrary, it is not easy to produce. Psychologists believe that human feelings have the characteristics of multiplicity and bipolar under the influence of external stimulation. Each kind of emotion has different levels, and there is also the relative emotional state, such as love and hate, joy and sorrow. In the process of psychological activities in a specific background, the higher the level of emotion, the greater the “psychological slope” appears in this situation, so the more easily it will be transformed into the opposite emotional state.

Let nature go, let the heart no longer shake

How should we deal with the adverse reactions brought by the psychological pendulum effect? Can we be manipulated by emotions relentlessly, making our hearts an endless pendulum?

Of course not! We should know to let it go. We should know that life can not always be climax and life can never be a trough.

In real life, we inevitably encounter some terrible misfortune, disaster or unwillingness to accept facts, but these are often the ones we can not choose and inevitably. The sensible response to this is to accept it silently, thus avoiding the mood falling into a low tide. Another way to reduce the harm of misfortune is to adjust your mind by not putting it in your heart, ignoring it, scorning it when it comes If we can avoid the violent joy, there will be no grieving attack. ”

Facing the inevitable facts, we should learn to do what the poet Whitman said: “let us learn to be as natural as trees, face the night, the storm, hunger, the accident and the frustration.” Because, the environment can not determine whether you are happy or not, your reaction to things determines your mood.

Remember that the best way to get rid of the darkness in life is to fill life with sunshine; To avoid chaos, we must pursue harmony; To keep the mind from mistakes, it must be filled with truth; To be away from evil, we must think about beautiful and lovely things; To get rid of all the dislikes and unhealthy things, we must think about all pleasant and healthy things. Because the opposite thought can not occupy one’s mind at the same time. To do this, you really become the master of your emotions.

We must understand to eliminate some ideological bias. Life has gathered and scattered, life has fun and suffering. Some people always want to live in the ideal state of passion, romance, stimulation, etc., so they always have a heart exclusion from the ordinary life state without the above factors, and their mood will naturally rise and fall due to the change of life scenes.

We should learn to experience the different pleasures of various living conditions. It can not only experience the passion and enthusiasm in the activity of arousing people, but also enjoy the life interest of leisurely and self-contained in the daily life of the plain water. Only in this way can I avoid the great loss and negative emotions in the psychological situation when the life scene is changed greatly.

“Blowing hot and cold psychology—-psychological swing effect: People’s hearts will be like a pendulum” 

In addition, to avoid the psychological polarity swing, we should strengthen the rational regulation of emotion. Let oneself happy and excited in the lifetime and space, maintain moderate calm and sober. When you turn to the low of emotion, you should avoid constantly comparing and reviewing the “excitement picture” of your emotional climax, isolating the relevant stimulus sources, and turning your attention to something and activities that can calm your mood or cheer up your mind.

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