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emotional Life Love Psychology

Blowing hot and cold psychology—-psychological swing effect: People’s hearts will be like a pendulum

If you tell you directly that you have a pendulum in your heart, you will not believe it.

emotional Life Love Psychology

Seductive conversation starters—-5 universal opening remarks for chatting with girls

Nothing more than throwing you into a scene, putting you into the framework of chatting with girls, and grabbing your collar to let you talk to your sister. Apart from these, nothing works.

emotional Life Love Psychology

What to say when your girlfriend is mad—-how to coax a long distance girlfriend when she is angry

Off-site love your girlfriend angry, delete your friends and threaten to break up, as a boy before and after you may fan three mistakes.

emotional Life Love Psychology

How long to do no contact—-when people don’t return WhatsApp, don’t pester, remember these three points

If a man doesn’t return WhatsApp for half a day and doesn’t care about you, how will you deal with it?