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After the breakup, if your ex immediately had a new love, he is likely to enter into a backlash.

Bounce relationships are psychologically a noun for intimate relationships, meaning a new relationship that begins immediately after the end of an important relationship, and the relationship associated with the previous relationship has not been fully resolved (time is generally recognized as 1 to 2 weeks).

“How long do rebound relationships last on average—-how to deal with the rebound relationship correctly”

Recently took over a case of redemption, the redeemer’s ex-girlfriend after the break-up into a rebound. She offered to break up less than a week after accepting the pursuit of male classmates. Feeling desperate, heart-breaking, can’t figure out why the ex-girlfriend so soon will have a new love? MingMing has always been in contact, Mingming last met his ex-girlfriend is also very concerned about considerate of their own, how suddenly accept others?

Inspired by the guidance of counseling, gradually realized that the relationship has long been in crisis, is not to pay attention to their own.

Originally is the ex-girlfriend active pursuit, this relationship she paid a lot, gave never before love and warmth, always feel that the ex-girlfriend will not leave themselves, she did not cherish. Finally, she was tired and chose to leave. Having said that, I feel very remorseful and have some understanding of why my ex-girlfriend left her.

“How long do rebound relationships last on average—-how to deal with the rebound relationship correctly”

Continuing to recall, he remembered his ex-girlfriend who had said he would find someone more who loved himself in the future. The male classmate has always had a good feeling for her, plus ex-girlfriend to a new city, new unit, too much need to be taken care of, so soon and male classmates together. Say that male classmate is a bit masculy, possessive, but she thinks it cares about her.

The story of the follow-up development, although the ex-girlfriend has a new happy, but did not give up the recovery, but continue to work hard to solve the problems left before, clear the obstacles to the return of the ex-girlfriend. Ex-girlfriend’s side, at first felt that xinhuan gave her care and attention, but with two people together, the ex-girlfriend found that the new happy possession is too strong, let her feel suffocated, and she also realized that she still has a predecessor in mind, so it was divided. The backlash lasted two months.

Most of the rebound relationships end, due to some of the characteristics of the rebound relationship:

1, constantly comparing the former and the present

People who enter a backlash relationship can’t help but compare their predecessors to the present because they start new relationships too quickly. It’s sweet to focus on something you didn’t get at the beginning of a relationship. As the passion retreated, slowly found that the incumbent also has many shortcomings, so began to miss the good of the predecessor.

“How long do rebound relationships last on average—-how to deal with the rebound relationship correctly”

2, looking for the opposite of the predecessor

One of the girls told me that my ex-boyfriend didn’t think they were an industry and couldn’t understand each other. After the break-up to find a similar industry, but found that is not as beautiful as imagined, dating 3 months break up.

3, low self-esteem after the break-up

Emotional failure can lead a person into self-denial, failure, self-doubt, feel bad, not cute. If there is a person who is green or appreciated at this time, it can improve our self-esteem. When the relationship is stable, it will be more rational to look at their own inner needs.

4, most of the beginning of loneliness and loneliness

Many people start to bounce back because they are not used to breaking up after a person’s loneliness, loneliness, pain, with the help of new joy to forget their predecessor.


In general, the gene of the rebound relationship is not good, leading to the subsequent development problems frequently, which is the root cause of the rebound relationship usually lasts very long. So for those who want to save, how to use the rebound relationship to compound?

If your ex gets into a backlash, you want to save him, and you need some time and mental preparation. Don’t apologize too much, if you do something wrong, you can say sorry, and then move on. Don’t try to point out his mistake, she will understand it herself over time. Let him know that you still love him, but will not destroy his new feelings, relax his guard and then take the opportunity to contact. Doing so can speed up the end of their rebound relationship. In addition, to improve themselves, in the recovery is necessary, because good love, itself is mutual attraction.

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