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1. Will send you a selfie to show you

Whether it’s a beautiful selfie or an ugly makeup-free selfie, she’ll show you it all. On the one hand want to get your praise, on the other hand, want you to know her true self, as for those good-looking photos she will send on the dynamic, those who do not understand her also comment on the following: Goddess! That’s nice! Only you have a chance to see her as she really is. 

“Will she miss me”

2. She wants to call you even if she doesn’t talk

Especially when you’re playing a game, she calls and doesn’t say anything. That’s not to say women are boring or to make you play. If a woman calls a man more often, it means that a woman really wants to find a man, she calls to listen to your voice, if a woman is not very interested in the man she contacts, her chat response is indifferent. So when women often call to harass you, men should pay more attention to, do not be indifferent to break a woman’s heart.

“Will she miss me”

3. Your message will be “seconds reply”

If a woman really loves you to the point of “crazy”, then many times she will seconds back to your message, long ago put your chat window to the top, looking forward to you and her talk more. So she can receive your message in the first place, which is why she will reply to you quickly every time. Usually, when she is all right, she will turn on the phone and turn it off, expect you to send her a message, if there is a period of time to ignore her, she will be in a hurry. On the contrary, if a woman doesn’t care, you send ten innings and she might reply.

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