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1, take the initiative to send you information/chat.

When a woman misses you, she will unconsciously contact you and wonder what you are doing. When she often sends messages to you, or calls and chats with you, she misses you on her behalf. Maybe it’s just a simple “In?” “At the other end of the phone is her waiting and the anxiety of waiting for your reply.

“Will she miss me—-when women miss you, they will have these performances”

When a woman misses you, she will want to see your message and hear your voice, even if she just says that her parents will feel happy.

2, like to turn over all kinds of gifts you gave her.

A person at home, imagine the warmth and happiness you have been with her, caressing all kinds of gifts you gave her. Behind each gift there is a happy memory, she seriously holding the gift, imagine the time of each episode, as if you are still around.


If a woman doesn’t love you and doesn’t want you, your gift will be returned to you, or a box will be put away and thrown into the trash. But who still keep very good, and day by day to look at must miss you very much.

“Will she miss me—-when women miss you, they will have these performances”

3, in the circle of friends, to send some thoughts or sentimental sentimental words.

She may be very stubborn, embarrassed to take the initiative to contact you, but also feel that this miss if not expressed in the heart is too boring, will be in their own space state or circle of friends to send some words representing miss. She wants you to see it and make a point.

After each mood, she will constantly refresh the page, want to see your likes, and even check the space browsing history to see if you have ever read the text. Hold your cell phone for a moment, for fear of not being able to answer your sudden call.

4, always find ways to be with you, even if only quietly looking at you.

When a woman misses you, she will try to be with you, and she will make appropriate excuses, for example, my sewer is blocked, come and help get it down. Or am I on the night shift today, convenient to come and pick me up, I am afraid to walk the night road. You’ll even sort out what you left at her house, meet you for a reason to return it, and tell each other.

Think of you, just want to see you, with you, even if nothing, just quietly look at each other, will feel so happy and satisfied.

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