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Gay circles have such a class of people.

They don’t find boyfriends, they don’t play 419.

Instead, it wants to maintain an LTR relationship.

Well, let’s start with LTR relationships, which are not only a relationship in the gay circle, and heterosexuals have one.

“What is an ltr relationship”

It is short for a long-term relationship.

Chinese is a long-term relationship.

The relationship is different from 419 and, of course, easier than being a boyfriend.

is somewhere between these two types of relationships.

Of course, such relationships cannot be defined as friends, because friends are theoretically not allowed to go to bed.

I don’t think it’s impossible to maintain this relationship.

1, gay, and the big difference between the opposite sex is that perhaps a lot of the opposite sex is rushing to marriage, that is, for marriage, but in real life, especially in the Mainland, gay, basically is not for marriage. This means that the definition of all relationships is two people’s way of getting along, how to feel comfortable how to come.

2. This is an open relationship, and it may not be a bad thing for gays who don’t want to be tied down. Both want to long-term, and do not want to live together every day, neither want to 419, but also hope to maintain this ambiguous relationship, I think, as long as you feel worthy of communication, willing to communicate, and do not affect the other side of life under the premise of maintaining the independence of personality, this idea, or quite realistic.

“What is an ltr relationship”

3, do not care whether the other party is married or choose what kind of life. That is to say, this relationship, does not care how the other side chooses their own life, just simply maintain a relationship, not the other side of the whole. For the current gay circle, this is also a rational expression, wise choice, after all, no one knows what the future will be like, we should all grasp the present.

4, if it is a boyfriend, that means, after the break-up, may not even be able to do friends. Therefore, from the beginning to maintain the RELATIONSHIP OF LTR, it does not matter to lose, at least to maintain such a relationship, it shows that all aspects are more suitable, the three views are consistent, not because the other side feel lacks freedom and give up such a relationship.

5, compared to 419, LTR relationship is more long-term, that is, not a one-time, do not want to be on a time. The goal is clear, it’s better, it’s safer than that.

6, get along with many kinds of patterns, for example, I am not willing to find a boyfriend, because of involving too many emotions, but also afraid to put too many feelings, and finally hurt myself. Of course, Bao Qi after really into the marriage, who knows? So I’ve always felt that good brothers last longer than boyfriends, and maybe what I call good brothers, which is similar to LTR relationships, means different things and gets along in the same way.

“What is an ltr relationship”

7, LTR can be LTR forever, can also be a friend, can have more possibilities, as long as you dare to think, perseverance, to maintain the original intention, there will be many possibilities, now variety shows are exploring the way of happiness, in fact, why not gay between the way to maintain a long-term relationship?

8, for THE LTR relationship, understandably broader, in fact, very much in line with the definition of today’s Internet era, that is, whether in the same city or different places, do not affect the establishment of LTR relationship, long-term relationship, hope is the future together.

9, now life pressure is so great, perhaps we do not want in the emotional world and then add trouble, do not take the initiative, do not refuse, not responsible, probably the current gay circle more common way of dealing with. So there’s no need to see LTR as a pejorative term, I think existence makes sense.

I chatted with a good friend the other day.

‘Recently, he says, watching the news says young Japanese are entering a period of low desire, ‘ he said.

Just working, do not care if they have a chance of promotion, do not care what the future will look like.

In love, I never thought about whether I would get married in the future.

Marriage, on the issue of fertility, she is not too concerned, whether there are children is not important.

In other words, most people don’t have much desire, either for work, life or feelings.

Therefore, in such a big environment, it is not black or white.

That is to say, choose what kind of way to get along, there is nothing wrong, are worthy of respect.

After all, everyone is their own master.

As long as you like it, it doesn’t matter what others say.

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