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Dating culture with the rise of the Internet shows exponential growth, and sexual liberation seems to suddenly show in a certain year as a spring breeze, night after night and other flowers blooming a considerable “sight.”

419, FWB, LTR, a new term that is inextricably linked to dating culture, but I think only a few people know about it and don’t know more about the common nouns about dating culture. These strange numbers and letters mean is really hard for you and me who don’t know the Chinese and Western dating cultures. So today, give everyone a deep science, hope that you can reposition what you need in the date, organize the mood or precipitation, or “start again.”

“What is an ltr relationship—-how to understand Gay’s LTR?”


Men and women immersed in tinder this software must know the word HOOKUP, face the meaning is nothing but fishing meaning, but in foreign dating culture, that is, and China “about” is entirely a meaning.

When it comes to the hookup culture, according to Internet information, 43 percent of students in the 2017 Harvard Student Graduation Survey survey had at least four sexual partners during college and 20 percent said they had used software such as tinder. However, the university’s pure cuteness is also there: 22% of students confessed, they have not talked about a love affair.

2.  419、ONS

419 has become a lot of people code, understand people naturally understand, do not understand a face question mark, what? 419 is actually an English harmonic terrier, 419 for one night, that is, the meaning of a one-night stand. Such a straightforward harmonic terrier, broken by this point today, do not understand the people are not later can also keep up with the group evil smile. Doesn’t ONS look like a one at first glance? In fact, it’s an abbreviation, ONS-one night sex, one-night sex! More straightforward than 419.

“What is an ltr relationship—-how to understand Gay’s LTR?”

One-night stand culture has been around since time imme past, from clubs, music halls, bars, KTV, where half-drunk late-night moody occasions, one-night stand hunters are always trying to find ways to make all possible prey. Network society developed, a one-night stand is gradually moving away, from one-night stand to the change of about guns, it is the cultural world together with self-correction: love one night also did not, but nowhere to put hormones in the walk and others closed the door together.

3.  FWB

To tell you the truth, when my friends first said this code, I was squirming. But look at it all, you know it, friends with benefits. Interested friends, the practical significance behind it is that I only sleep with you, others know that we are friends, do not know that we are bedmates. If the word is forced to land, it must be more appropriate to fix the gunners, but the FWB may try it once, or several times.

4.  LTR

It’s a popular term specifically for gay men, and LTR, as the name suggests, is long term relationship, a long-term relationship. If heterosexual friends see this getting the wrong signal or use the word incorrectly, especially men may face more embarrassing surprises. To some extent, specific pronouns in a particular context are popular only in their own circles, maintaining a multicultural learning mindset that avoids hormonal embarrassment and conflict.

There is no denying that long-term fixed relationships are more valuable to gay groups and that longer-term sexual companionship means safer sexual relationships, which are more precious in a time when they are not legally and all blessings are available.

Is dating culture is simply understood as a simple and crude “contract?”? “I think you might still have to block out the ticket-free contestants outside the door wall. Looks can help you brush your face through customs, but I don’t think you can get along.

If, dating culture in China, rather than a technical help to help the “West learning east gradually”, foreign dating culture is not simply “about”? “There’s a culture base that works steadily, and if you understand that, you can be more comfortable with dating culture.”

“What is an ltr relationship—-how to understand Gay’s LTR?”

Of course, these are not the whole of dating culture, but let you and I find their own positioning and really enjoy the dating culture to bring you the destination. At that point, you can also be more comfortable with the offer and commitment, everything starts with the call.

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