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Recently, another girl asked me” how to do, like a boy, but he is not to confess to me…” Yes, even if a girl likes boys to the point of not thinking about tea, but also rarely thinks “why can’t I confess to boys?”

“Trust me she misses you”

There are many reasons for girls, such as:

“If you’re rejected, you’re so faceless.”

“If you say that, my friends will laugh at me later.”

People say that girls take the initiative of love, boys will not cherish.

Therefore, if boys think that girls like themselves will take the initiative to confess to themselves, it will be a daydream, if really like her, then you can only take the initiative.

In fact, who is not afraid of rejection? Boys are just as afraid of being rejected. So, before you confess, you can analyze from the following points whether the girl also wants you to take the initiative to pursue her, so the success rate will be much greater.

“Trust me she misses you” 

First, she will test whether there is anyone else in your heart

Like your girl, the first thing you want to make sure of is that there are no other girls in your heart, only then she has the hope to walk in. So, she’ll knock on the side and ask about your love life, whether you have a girlfriend, what kind of girl you like, etc.

Second, she will maintain good interaction with you

Like your girl, want you to chase her, in fact, she also wants you to know that she likes you. So, she’ll show some dependence on you. For example, let you do something for her today, and let you install a system or something for her tomorrow.

As long as you look for her, she is free

Everyone’s time is precious, but we can always make time for the person we care about to cultivate feelings. If a girl likes you, she won’t refuse you whenever you find her.

“Trust me she misses you”

She asked you to introduce her boyfriend to her

If your relationship is very iron, the usual interaction is also very tacit understanding, suddenly one day she told you “introduce me to a boyfriend” means “you do not confess, I will go to find someone else.” ”

She will invite you into her private circle

For example, introduce you to her friends, good friends, etc., and then directly let you take her home, and then she said to you, “Do you want to sit at home?” ”

Girls in the expression of emotions will be relatively subtle but that does not mean that girls who face love are passive. If a girl meets someone she likes, she will try to show her heart.

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