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1、 She became jealous.

As the saying goes, a woman will treat you as a treasure if she really loves you. Although you are only grass in other people’s eyes, she will think that everyone else likes you as much as she is. So if you and other women have a little intimate behaviour or say some ambiguous words, they will be jealous. Women do this, mostly because once they fall in love with a man they will see him as her all, she is afraid to lose him.

“Trust me she misses you—-whether a woman loves you or not can be seen from what performance”

2、 Become willful.

As soon as a woman falls in love with a person, she likes to make a little girl and play a temper with him. She loves crying and becoming emotional. For example, Lindaiyu loves JiaBaoyu. They do this to think that the man she cares about loves her more, or whether the man really loves her, says good, but another kind of flirtation invites favour. Emotional writer Su Qin said: willfulness is a manifestation of dependence. Because subconsciously, that person will forgive you. Even you don’t like yourself, but by that person like, this is called love.

3、 Some stick people.

If you love a woman she doesn’t want to see you every day, you don’t call her for a few days, she will not question you, then you two will definitely not play. If a woman really loves you, she will want to see you every day, hate to be with you every day, even if you can’t see you, she also wants to receive your call and receive your information.

4、 Pay special attention to dressing.

If she is not a performance star or a model, she doesn’t need to dress up very delicately every day to go out but suddenly becomes particularly fond of dressing, then she must like you. There is a saying not to say: women are happy with themselves.

And she will plan with me about the future when to meet parents when to be engaged when to marry when to have children.

“Trust me she misses you—-whether a woman loves you or not can be seen from what performance”

5、 Can she think about you in everything

When a woman is willing to think for you everywhere, she is especially gentle and considerate to you in her feelings, then it shows that she is true love to you.

If a woman is too harsh and critical about you in her feelings, she never gives in or gives in to you easily, and she doesn’t want to think about you everywhere, then it shows that she is not true love to you.

Since she fell in love with her boyfriend, Xiaobei has become a man. She became more and more unreasonable about her boyfriend, and she was more and more selfish with her boyfriend. She only considers her feelings in everything.

For example, if her boyfriend doesn’t have a second to return her message or pick up her phone, she’ll be furious with her boyfriend.

For example, as long as her boyfriend goes home half an hour later than usual, she will make a lot of noise about her boyfriend.

“Trust me she misses you—-whether a woman loves you or not can be seen from what performance”

But she can be arbitrary about her boyfriend. For example, every time she dates her boyfriend, she is almost late, even putting her boyfriend pigeon directly, without a reasonable explanation.

For a long time, my boyfriend finally couldn’t bear her and offered her a break-up.

So, women don’t do too much in their feelings. You should learn to think about changing positions and think more about men. Only in this way can men be willing to give you sincerity and true feelings.

If a woman never thinks about a man in a position, you are too willful and selfish in your feelings, then the man will feel that you don’t love him at all, and he will go away from you.

6、 Can she trust and respect you

If a woman can fully trust and respect you, she is true love to you. Only if you really love your woman, can you be willing to give you enough trust and full respect.

When a woman is not trusting you in her feelings, she is careful of you everywhere and is strict with you. She never opens her heart to you easily. No matter how hard you try, she can not really integrate into her world, so she is not true love to you.

When a woman does not respect your opinions and feelings in her feelings, she never cares about your emotions and thoughts, so she is not true love to you.

A woman who loves you will be especially willing to share her voice with you. She will let you really enter her heart. She will also fully respect and understand you and be considerate and considerate to you. 

7、 Is she willing to give you a silent dedication

If a woman is willing to give you everything silently, then there is no doubt that she is true love to you.

Yan Yan loves Chen Guang at first sight. At first, Chen Guang had no love and feeling for Yan Yan. But, for a long time, he gradually felt the love of Yan Yan to him, so he began to accept the love of Yan Yan.

Yan Yan never regarded Chen Guang as an outsider, she always treated Chen Guang’s affairs as her own. She attaches great importance to and cares about Chen Guang’s every move, and she also pays attention to and cares about Chen Guang’s smile and smile.

Since falling in love with Chen Guang, Yanyan has saved her money and quietly supports Chen Guang to do what he really wants to do. She will take care of Chen Guang’s daily food and drink carefully, and even she will take the initiative to take care of his parents.

Because she loves him, she is willing to give everything to him silently. Chen Guang sees in the eyes, remembers in the heart, he also more and more cannot leave Xiao Fang, he also to her love increases day by day.

Love is mutual. Chen Guang also began to give Xiao Fang his sincerity and true feelings. He will take the initiative to keep Yan Yan as long as he makes money, and will use holidays to accompany her to travel and relax.

Thus, for men, if you can meet a woman who really loves you, your life will become more and more happy and wonderful.

If you meet a woman willing to give you everything silently, please cherish her with your heart, don’t miss her easily, let alone hurt her.

If a woman is willing to give you everything selflessly, she can fully trust and respect you, and she can think for you in everything, then it fully shows that she really loves you. Otherwise, it means she doesn’t love you at all.

1. I love to be spoiled and I love to talk to you. Sometimes when I am busy, she will show a very embarrassed and embarrassed state, which is not good. Then when you have an extra orange cat, you need to pay attention to the kind of feeling she feels.

2. very understanding, from all angles, I think about this careless fool. Small to diet skincare, to the human world, are not resistant to their annoying orders( I used to stay up late for a while, and then she would bring me her own steamed dried dates for me.)

3. very tolerant. Every time we quarrel, she puts down her face and comes to me( Guilty face), let me feel that I love her not enough every time. The baby used to say “quarrel not overnight” as if we all did.

4. although she often flirts with me and plays rogue when talking to me, she says I am a big pig, but in front of her mother, she always boasted how good I am… The kind of boast that makes me all shy

Free time every day

I think about you all the time. I want you to eat well, drink well, sleep well and play well.

I want you to talk to me more.

Want to know your hobbies and likes and dislikes

Your happiness wants to share with you, your unhappiness wants to share with you.

Stick to you all day. It’s not without you.

I’ll try to stick to him as much as possible

As soon as he was mentioned, he was excited

I will think about his future

Care about every little thing about him

Unconditional trust in him

Trying to make himself excellent so that he can see the constantly updated self

I’ll eat some little vinegar that is not so funny

Want to tell him every day how much I love him


It seems that most girls show love with such a few keywords:


rely on


Looking forward to





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