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After the break-up, did the ex have a new party and have a way to compound? Of course, but you need to master the more powerful human nature and psychology than the general recovery, and save the former with new Huan. It is a silent psychological and technical game. It can be said that when you can recover the former with new Huan one day, it means that your love ability has reached a far better level than that of ordinary people.

“How to get your ex back after cheating—-after breaking up, the ex has a new love. Is there any way to get back together?”

After the break-up, the ex has a new party, is it worth your recovery? This is also a problem most concerned about. In fact, the only criterion to judge the value of your predecessor is whether you love her or not. If you love her, even if she has a new joy, it is worth your recovery. If you don’t love it, even if she has no new joy, it is not worth your recovery.

So, please consider it before you save it. Do you still love her or not? Do you want to save it out of true love? Or out of the heart?

Many factors are not willing to be willing, for example, you have paid a lot for her, and now you are thrown away very reluctant; You see her find a new joy so soon and not be happy; You’re not as good as her after you break up

But true love has no him, just because you lose her, you feel that you will not fall in love with the second woman, so you want to save.

If you are because of the former, I don’t know whether to recover it, I suggest not. If you are the latter, I suggest you save it, and I suggest you finish the following articles. I will summarize the successful cases of my guidance in recent years into a 6000-word dry article, which is very helpful to you.

Of course, the process of recovery is not only the process of her return, but also a process that allows you to learn and grow, learn to show your attraction correctly, learn to manage your feelings correctly, and so on.

If you have not been entangled after the breakup or you are in the situation of just breaking up, but you are not sure what to do next, I strongly suggest that you do not blindly try and wrong yourself, and must click the following consultation link to help you recover the professional teachers without deterioration of your relationship, such a recovery is far more efficient than the recovery after the deterioration of the relationship!

“How to get your ex back after cheating—-after breaking up, the ex has a new love. Is there any way to get back together?”

1 pair 1 professional emotional consultation, teaching you to easily compound feelings

Well, we don’t talk much about it. This article is divided into three parts to help you:

The first part: analyze the types of new joys, and make sure that they can win the war

Part two: three mined areas saved, never step on

The third part: the correct way to recover: three steps of the move deadly

Part one: analysis of the types of new Huan

One of the reasons why I suggest that you should not be affected by the other party’s new joy is that you exaggerate the importance of Xinhua in women’s hearts. Xinhua is actually an embroidered pillow, which is vulnerable to a blow. Why do you say that? Let’s analyze the type of new party and you know.

I have summarized all the cases of this kind of recovery that I have been exposed to in recent years. I find that after breaking up, the new love of ex-girlfriend is all these types:

1. Passion new joy

This type of new love often occurs during the period when your emotional quality drops to the time before you break up.

That is to say, the other party has betrayed you before breaking up with you and has an interest in other men. It is not necessary to have physical derailment, but spiritual derailment is certain.

There are two reasons why the other party has been dragging you up until now:

First, she and that new Huan are only ambiguous, new Huan has not yet put forward the requirements of establishing a relationship, so she is waiting for a time;

Second, she is also struggling with you and Xinhua which is good, so needs to observe the trade-off for a while.

First, if you don’t say she is dreary, you need to think about what happened to your relationship with your predecessor. The reason why the former was attracted by new lovers is that your own attraction has declined, and many factors lead to the decline in attractiveness:

You’re lazy, you don’t care to keep your image

“How to get your ex back after cheating—-after breaking up, the ex has a new love. Is there any way to get back together?”

You expose too many shortcomings and are reluctant to correct them

You are always in the low position of feeling, love is hard and humble

She can’t see the future with you


If you do have one or several of the shortcomings, you can’t blame the other for falling in love with others. Because people are seeking benefits and avoiding harm, when she and you are much more sad than happy, they will definitely seek new relationships.

It is not good for you to blame the other person for being changed. You should find out the reasons for yourself and then recover the other by improving yourself. You should have the right ability to manage love, not the bad one. You have not improved yourself. It is just a repeat.

Of course, if the other party is after the sea, then give up, also do not find their own block.

2. New joy of tool type

This new love often occurs in emotional girls, after the break-up she will find a man.

First, she regards Xinhua as emotional sustenance. There is a term in psychology called “withdrawal response”, which means that when feelings break down, people will have extreme discomfort. I believe you also have such feelings, just when you break up you are very sad, not used to no other day, do nothing to raise interest. Even if the former breakup, she could not escape “the withdrawal response.”.

Some women can’t bear the reaction, they will find new ways to trust their feelings. She was afraid of the feeling of loneliness, loneliness, and helplessness.

Second, she seeks a new Huan to revenge you. She wants you to know that without you, she can live better. Without you, she still has others like it. She has no feeling for the new Huan, but she just takes the new joy to you.

When women take Xinhua as a tool, whether Xinhuan really likes women, women can not have feelings for such new Huan. Obviously, the second type of new Huan is far more than the first type of new Huan, and it is much easier to recover.

But there are still many people who can’t get it back. Why is that? Generally speaking, there are two problems:

1. You don’t understand women’s psychology at all. Women can not let you go, but you feel that women have changed their minds, and thus hold a negative attitude towards feelings. To be honest, you are too straight to guess the woman’s ideas, and white delays the best time to save.

2. You don’t know where women are tangled. You think women take Xinhua as a tool, as long as you go to retain, she will promise you? You think too simple, it can be so easy to recover, women will not spend a lot of time looking for new Huan.

Women certainly know the seamless connection is not good for themselves, but if she does, it means that there is a big problem between you. If you say a few good words, she can turn back. You still have to solve the fundamental contradiction between you.

3. New joy with empty window

This type of new joy usually occurs. You have not been recovering in 3 months, which leads to the end of the best recovery period, the woman has completely laid down you, began to seriously seek new feelings, or you have used the wrong way to recover, such as blind disconnection, which leads to the female really disappointed you and didn’t want to wait for you.

If you have not recovered, when you suddenly find that there are good heterosexuals around your ex, you are jealous and want to recover your ex out of possessiveness. In this case, you should carefully judge whether you have any feelings about the former and consider whether to recover it.

If you are in the second situation, and you use the wrong way to recover, it is obvious that you need a professional teacher to help you check and guide your actions.

No matter what kind of problems you have encountered in the process of recovery, you can click on the following [free consultation] one-on-one consultation. There are many problems you can’t think about. Maybe a few words from the teacher can help you find the direction. Instead of wasting a lot of time exploring, you can give the professional affairs to the professional.

1 pair 1 professional emotional consultation, teaching you to easily compound feelings

Part two: never step on this minefield

For the predecessor with Xinhua, there is a minefield that everyone can easily step on, that is, they can not set their identity and position. What do you mean? It is that you have broken up, but you reject the fact that:

Let’s say specifically:

Accuse the other party of being easy to change your mind: you are no longer a lover, you have no right to be jealous, and even how her new love develops, you have no right to ask. If you use your past identity entanglement, there is no benefit except to make the other party feel you are childish, unreasonable and of low value.

It is very bad to accuse Xinhua: the other party decides to choose Xinhua. If you deny Xinhua, it means that she has denied her decision. No one likes to overturn the decision made by others. You say that Xinhua is not as good as you to her, you say Xinhua is not as good as you, she will not believe what you say. Your complaint only makes people feel like you’re a loser.

Exposure to demand: know each other has a new joy, but also kneel to lick for a compound, the words are full of demand. Once the other side is slack in your attitude, you start to ask and sell miserably. Once the sense of need is exposed, it will only make the former feel that you are still so naive, not mature at all, and it is right to leave you.

Imbalance of mind: when you are out of balance, you will be exposed at the action level. Questioning, crying, begging, self-blame, etc., all of these actions are due to your mental imbalance, which will make your face haggard, repressed or even ferocious, and let your whole person exude the quality of loser.

These minefields above are all impossible to step on, but some people found me after stepping on the minefield: teacher, I seem to step on those minefields you said. What should I do, can I help you?

Whatever you did before, it doesn’t matter if you start to correct it from this moment.

Everyone’s emotional situation is different, and there can be no way to recover all the situations. If you can’t put her away, but you don’t know how to recover it, you can click on the [free consultation] one-on-one consultation below.

1 pair 1 professional emotional consultation, teaching you to easily compound feelings

Next, we will say the third part:

The right way to recover: three steps of move deadly

Among the many cases in which the teacher contacted to recover Xinhua, I extracted the most common and effective three steps:

First, we should take the first step, calm down the mentality and position our identity.

How important is the mentality, I don’t think I know that everyone knows. If skills are tactical, then mentality is strategic. The strategy is in the wrong direction, and no matter how many skills are used. In addition to shielding off the above incorrect mentality, you should set yourself the right mindset:

For example, can face and accept the fact that the other party has new happiness;

For example, when the other party returns to you slowly or does not return your message, you can be indifferent and do not ask;

For example, you can talk to her calmly without obvious emotional ups and downs;


In general, you have to set yourself an identity and have a reason to keep in touch with her. Only in this way can you have the opportunity to take the next steps.

This identity is ordinary friends.

Why do you want to be a common friend? Because this is the most non-exposed identity, I think you also know how much resentment exposure will cause the former. So this is called “take back as a step forward”, step back to be friends, stay in the green mountains, do not worry about burning wood.

The second step is to know yourself and know each other. We can never lose all our battles

If you want to let your ex give up the new Huan voluntarily and return to your arms, this is the invisible competition between you and Xinhua. Only when she feels that the benefits of being with you are greater than those of being with Xinhua, she is willing to turn back. What should she do?

The principle is to find the advantages and disadvantages of the other party to the ex-girlfriend, recall their advantages and disadvantages to the ex-girlfriend, and then reduce the advantages of Xinhua to the ex-girlfriend, strengthen the disadvantages, strengthen your advantages and disadvantages to the ex-girlfriend and reduce the disadvantages.

First, you need to find the advantage of the new Huan. The advantage of the new Huan is nothing but a fresh feeling and hot love. And you should understand that these advantages can be released over time. Psychological research has proved that the hyperactivity of human beings in the period of love is caused by dopamine secreted beyond the normal level in the brain. This excess hormone secretion will not last too long and will fall back to normal levels in the early or later period. Once hormones fall back, people’s emotions will become calm and fresh will be gone.

Generally speaking, the duration of the love period is not more than 3 months. 

Then, you need to find the shortcomings of the new Huan, there are many shortcomings.

For example, the weak emotional foundation, two people just don’t know each other, and will inevitably experience the running-in period in the later period. Quarrel and contradiction are essential, just as you are from love to running in.

For example, the shortcomings of the new Huan will be gradually exposed in later life.

Second, you need to find your own strengths. What are your advantages to your predecessors? The biggest advantage is your emotional base, your understanding of each other, and women are emotional creatures. As long as the emotional cards are played, you have a great hope to attract the former to turn back.

Then, you also understand your weaknesses: conflicts in your feelings lead to a poor impression in your predecessor’s mind, attracting the attention of your predecessors, trying to improve yourself, doing secondary attraction, and a sense of need that may not be controlled, etc.

When you know each other, you can “have a heart” point – reduce the advantages of new Huan on your ex-girlfriend, and strengthen the shortcomings; Strengthen your strengths and weaknesses with your ex-girlfriend.

1. To take the lead

As we said earlier, it would arouse the former’s dislike to you instead of being good, and make them stand on an online attack on you, so we should praise Xinhua. When you praise the new party all the time, on the one hand, you will hide your sense of need, on the one hand, it will reduce the former’s resistance to you, on the other hand, it can close the distance between you and the former, and attract her to chat with you more.

Most importantly, your praise will give each other a high expectation of the new party. When expectations are getting higher and higher, once the other party fails to meet the requirements, the former will be more and more disappointed. Remember, it’s definitely the best way to get away from them. The higher you hold, the worse she will fall.

How to win? I give you an example, for example, when the ex found a rich new Huan, and when Xinhua gave her a gift, you could say, “you just have been together, he will be so attentive to you, and he will be better and better for you in the future.”

If there is more praise, a “heart anchor” will be implanted into the ex. that is, Xinhua will pay her better and better and more, but will it be true? It is not necessary that once the new Huan approach deviates from the expectations of the former, the former will only be more disappointed.

2. Emotional backtracking

When I was just breaking up with you, no matter how cruel she said to you, her negative feelings towards you will be reduced with time. Your common emotional memories will gradually float on her heart, which is the emotional change most women will have after they break up. You should firmly believe that you broke up, not to mean that your shared memory with her disappeared.

What you have to do is to give her a boost while the other side is feeling back, and actively mention your memories to trigger her memory.

Coffee shops, milk tea, cinemas, favourite dishes, these are warm memories, can occasionally inadvertently send a dynamic, causing her to your memories.

3. Secondary attraction

This is to reduce the disadvantages of her being with you. You need to review your feelings, what problems are there, what are you fighting for, what is the way to solve the problem after the quarrel, what is the fundamental contradiction of your feelings, where you make her dislike, etc. These are your shortcomings, and you need to improve yourself to make sure she is.

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