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Often hear such a voice, there will always be girls complain, why and a man chat, chat about each other there is no news.

Even in the end, they can’t stand to take the initiative to find each other, want to increase their feelings, but it seems that the result is not very ideal.

It has to be said that the connection between the opposite sex, or need some skills, to learn to understand the psychology of the opposite sex, especially to seize the weakness of men, to hit the key.

Instead, the more you rush to buy and sell, the better you will always get. Therefore, a woman learns to contact a man like this, he will take the initiative to find her

“How to get a guy to call instead of text—-let a man take the initiative to contact you, the best way to do these three points”

1, let the other person feel your warmth, pay attention to the details

It must be said that a man is irresistible to a woman who is gentle and understanding. A woman who knows herself, a man will feel very warm.

Many times, the communication between men and women does not end, most of them do not understand each other, do not know each other’s needs, leading to two people gradually away.

Since you want to walk into a person’s heart, get the attention and love of the other side, you have to learn to break through his inner defence.

First let men feel your warmth and sincerity, can pay careful attention to the other side care about the point, take the initiative to express their sincere side, let the other side can not resist this enthusiasm and warmth, naturally will slowly attract you.

Some women will always be eager to achieve, slightly the other side’s attitude cold some, feel that the other side is not sincere, do not love, in fact, love is needed to step by step.

No one is eager to express one’s heart to one person from the beginning.

Women learn to use their own sincerity, in life to give men warmth, in his lonely helpless time, companionship, in need of time to give comfort and encouragement, naturally, he will be dependent on you, slowly enjoy this beauty, will gradually be inseparable from you.

2, to maintain appropriate contact with men, resulting in a sense of distance

In fact, people get along with each other, it is very important, is to grasp. Whether it is love, friendship, affection is the need to do this.

Too often contact between the opposite sex is not a good thing, and sometimes the right sense of distance is more able to maintain that freshness between them.

“How to get a guy to call instead of text—-let a man take the initiative to contact you, the best way to do these three points”

Too much understanding of a person will be seen through by the other side, lost their own kind of charm and hazy feeling.

As the saying goes, distance will produce beauty, too often contact, will let the other side bored, suddenly lost the desire to understand.

For a man, is easy to like old and new people, the more there is no challenge, the less he will cherish.

If a woman is in frequent contact, it may be a while after the other person has lost happiness to you.

Sometimes, too close will let oneself lose themselves, will be too dependent on a person, on their own fall.

But if too far away, but also will have a strange feeling of this relationship, the appropriate distance, is the best way to maintain a relationship.

Therefore, want to let a man take the initiative to contact you, you have to rely on, we must understand that what can not be the best, the more difficult things will be cherished.

Women try to keep their distance, do not put all their time and energy on a man, in love with each other at the same time, do not forget to promote themselves, such a woman is the least easy to get lost, but will be respected by men.

3, sincerely treat each other, respect and recognize each other

All said, since ancient times affectionate can not stay, only the way to get people’s hearts, in fact, I do not agree with this sentence.

I always think that the sincere treatment of a person, the other side can feel your heart, will really treat each other. While you respect each other, he will respect you and recognize you.

If a woman wants to get a man’s love and let him contact her voluntarily, it seems that he believes in your heart. No more methods and truths than a heart.

Originally two people get along, there should not be too many ways, but chat skills still need to be, this is to attract a person’s basic.

The establishment of a relationship, first of all, should remain sincere, when you fully respect a person at the same time, naturally, the other side will feel your heart, but also remove their own defence and disguise so that you see the real him.

And rely on the mind of suspicion, after a long time the other side will be tired, will not be willing to show their sincerity.

You know, a person will take the initiative to contact you, must feel the beauty and heart in you, your recognition and respect, is the greatest affirmation of a man.

Therefore, for a person to contact you voluntarily, you must first let him believe you, your sincerity is the best comfort.


Emotional things, sometimes can not be strong, quick and quick to benefit. The more anxious you are to succeed, the less you get the results you want. The most important thing about getting along with people is to rely on sincerity.

If you really treat each other, naturally the other person will feel your heart. But there’s still a way to do it. Then a woman knows how to contact a man like this, and naturally, he will come to you.

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