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How to make men like to call you.

1, keep the voice happy, gentle

2. Listen carefully to him and focus on him

When he wants to make you laugh, you laugh

4. Most important: When you talk about the highest point, cut off the topic and hang up. You can say, hey, I’m a little sleepy, I want to sleep, okay? If it’s daytime, hang up the phone directly and text and say, “I’m sorry, just lost power on your cell phone.” Then don’t say ha, what am I going to do?

Believe me, he’ll be upset and depressed.

“How to get a guy to call instead of text—-H=how to make men like to call you”

Trust me, he’ll be happy to call you back.

What do you mean, what do you mean hope tomorrow, understand?

And in the evening he called you, please pay attention to a good time, say eleven o’clock, you say, I want to sleep.

He might ask, did you go to bed so early?

You must answer yes.

Then the average man will not force, even if not happy, will tell you good night.

Hang up, you want to sleep, you don’t want to sleep. The point is to make him think you’re asleep.

To let him know that you have your own schedule, that you are not an unlimited free chat, you will not cooperate with him without principle.

To make him subconsciously feel that you are independent, not under his control.

In addition, chat ah chat, to the end let the man close the line, often he is tired, no words, or feel that this phone chat here almost, this is very bad, Oh, you know. 

Men give you a phone call, be sure to answer, even if you are sleepy to sleep, even if you have something on hand to be busy.

“How to get a guy to call instead of text—-H=how to make men like to call you”

You can say:

Sorry, there’s something busy right now, would you like to say it later?

Or just talk a few words and say I’m sleepy, go to bed first, okay?

In short, be sure to pick it up.

Think differently, if the other person often does not answer your phone, you will not have frustration, will not reduce the desire to call the other person. So play hard to get don’t play, don’t water out the man’s desire to call you.

What if I don’t get it accidentally?

“How to get a guy to call instead of text—-H=how to make men like to call you”

The answer is text back!

You can say, “I’m sorry, I just didn’t hear it in the study, are you looking for me?” ”

Sorry (to create a good image of politeness and upbringing)

Just didn’t hear it in the study (explain human nature)

Are you looking for me (hook him up and call him again)

Don’t call straight back, it makes you seem very anxious.

Don’t ignore the response, men will guess what you’re doing.

Pay attention to the way and wording you talk to men.

Use fewer prayer sentences, more questions.

I’m sleepy, I’m going to sleep. Change to: I’m a little sleepy, go to bed first, okay?

I’m thirsty and buy me a bottle of mineral water. Change to: I want to drink mineral water, okay?

When I order, I want squirrelfish. Change to: Squirrelfish look good, can you order this?

A man loves face and likes to be dominant, so ask him for advice. Although on the surface, he agreed, he made the choice, in fact, you know.

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